South Shore 1/2 Marathon

It feels strange to come out of a half marathon without much to say about it.  The race went well, the weather was perfect, I’m still fighting my run-funk, but for the most part it was fun.  Basically, it confirms what I already know about where I’m at with running, and what to expect on May 5th at Wisconsin Marathon.

What I will say is that this was the most beautiful course I’ve ever run on, I’m a sucker for Lake Michigan scenery.  I regret not taking a photo during one of my several walk breaks after mile 9.

But the race photographer did manage to get this beauty:


The photo makes me laugh.  Hard.

Race highlights:

-Running with RasberiRunner for the first 6 miles, she kept me running strong!

-High pinky fiving Jeff somewhere between mile 4 and 5.

-Hearing Dr_Foucault yell “Stennnnnna” around mile 5.

-Did I mention beautiful course along Lake Michigan?  It was beautiful.

-And of course getting to see my Milwaukee Twitter buddies in real life!



15 thoughts on “South Shore 1/2 Marathon

  1. That photo is awesome! Sounds like a race I might need to run sometime – it would give me an excuse to ride the Lake Express Ferry (only I’m not sure it runs this early in the year).

  2. That photo is bombed by so many people- I LOVE it!
    I love beautiful races (should help you to fight off that funk!) I love meeting friends and hey, I even love running 13.1 but I’m a weirdo…
    Good job!

  3. Awwwesome photo! What were you doing with your arms in that moment! Glad to hear it was a beautiful course and a lot of great company! Sometimes the smallest differences make such a difference!

    • hahahaha, Right before that I swung my arm warmers over my head to try and get a silly race photo, the photog missed the moment of course! But he got the guy with his tongue hanging out, go figure!

  4. Look at that BEAUTIFUL form…landing on your mid foot!!! How totally awesome!! I’d blow that up and hang it in my family room to show everyone …”I AM NOT A HEEL STRIKER!” glad you enjoyed the race!! very important! 🙂

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