Take a Spoonful of Concrete

I ran 20 miles.  I’m all trained up.  Ready to run a marathon.  So the training plan says.

This is the fourth time ever that I ran a 20 mile run, and gosh it just doesn’t get any easier, does it?  I read through my previous posts recapping the 20 mile run, and this one seems like it was tougher than my first one.  My best one was September 2011, you know, only 7 months ago.

The difference is seven months ago my head was screwed on just right, I had a mission, I was focused, I wanted it bad.  This time around there are some loose screws in my head, I can’t find the right tools to get them back into place.  Though I’m not where I want to be right now, I think this training has been really good prep for other reasons.

UntitledHaving all those little breakdowns in the middle of my long runs were beneficial.  They sucked, they made me feel two inches tall, but now I’m better prepared for potential breakdowns on race day.  What if I had experienced this lackluster training last summer before Chicago Marathon?  Maybe I would have been able to better handle my falling apart.  This time around, if/when I feel my will about to fade away I’ll know that it’s all mental. My training enlightened me to see that the best thing to do is to HTFU and keep moving forward.


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