The Cheesiest Marathon

Say hello to my favorite finisher medal!
Marathon number four is complete!  I’m happy that I didn’t have any injury paranoia, didn’t have to wear any kttape, and my legs felt as good as they can through 26.2 miles.  I’m happy that I finished within my expectations and even snagged a 5 minute PR.  I’m just happy that it’s over and done with!

Some thoughts I had as I struggled through the middle miles…

I wondered if I just don’t enjoy distance running anymore.  When I first started it was new and exciting.  Last year I was coming back from a long timeout from an injury and I was grateful just to be out there.  This year, meh, I don’t have the mojo for it.  As I was walking through mile 16 I asked myself, “Why are you walking?  Does anything hurt?  Are you tired?  Is it hot?  No?  None of the above?  You just don’t feel like running, oh, okay”

26.2 miles is a long way to feel anything.  Whether it’s frustration, excitement, rejection, adrenaline, misery, cold, hot, a blister… it’s just a long ass time to feel that way when you’re out there on your own.  This distance is not for the weak minded.

While I struggled through training, and through this marathon, I still have the drive to finish what I started.  Two months ago I knew this training was not going well, instead of wimping out on the marathon to do the half the distance instead, I finished the training I started.  At mile 12 yesterday when I started to think the marathon was pointless, I remembered the cheesy finisher medal that I wanted, and chased after it for another 14.2 miles.

When I signed up for this marathon I called it my “last-chance” marathon, meaning that if I didn’t come away from it feeling good about it, I would just stop.  Considering my lackluster training, I’m satisfied with it, and proud of finishing what I started.  If I can grab a 5 minute PR every year until I reach what I think is my potential, then the Wisconsin Marathon will not be my last marathon.


20 thoughts on “The Cheesiest Marathon

  1. Congratulations on finishing another 26.2! I’m so glad that you continued your training and pushed through. Rough conditions out there, sorry I couldn’t stay around.

    • Also, I wanted to add that everyone’s running ebbs and flows…everyone goes through times when they wonder, “Why the heck am I running all of these miles again?” I’ve also noticed that if something is weighing me down — even subconsciously, be it a job, relationship, whatever — it will affect my attitude and running performance. Sometimes I have to force myself to get angry at something or someone — like a person who told you that you couldn’t do something or laughed at you when you were down — and that makes me run faster and get motivated.

      • You are absolutely right, I’m happy that you bring it up, because there was a lot that I left out on this race report, but BAM, you said it. Thank you!

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  2. Great work on sticking to your plan. I love the medal too- it’s super cute – thanks for posting a pic of it.

  3. Congrats! Very happy for you.
    I had my DNF yesterday…felt ok yesterday about it but starting to feel worse as the day goes on…

  4. We totally missed sending you some twitter love this weekend because we just assumed your mary was on Sunday. Poor assumption! Congrats! You know sometimes going down from a full to a half is a really smart idea! We proud of you for sticking with what you started and proud of you for getting a new PR by 5 minutes! That medal is awesome!

    • You’re right, sometimes it’s smart to switch, in certain situations… like if there’s injury uncertainty for example. But, I don’t think switching just because training isn’t going the way you want it to is a very good reason. I’m happy I finished it, even if I didn’t meet my goals.

  5. A 5 min PR, no pain, no KTape and even some heavy duty contemplation…sounds like you had a pretty good day. Congrats on another one down. I’m in awe, dunno how you do it…I maintain that the only 26.2 I’ll run is on the way to finishing 140.6!

    • It’s weird, during the 26.2 I thought, “Oh no way can I do an IronMan, THIS SUCKS” .. But now 48 hours later I feel confident that I can crawl through the marathon portion of an IronMan.

  6. Congrats on the PR and finishing the race! I am injured again, so being able to run, just a tiny-tiny mile, sounds so very sweet. So much can happen during your training, but it didn’t, and having done many things right, making it to the start is a great achievement. Have you ever thought about running a marathon for time and not distance? The faster you run, the harder it is to contemplate…

  7. Congrats!!! Every time I read your stuff I find we have the exact same mentality. I love hearing someone else’s negative thoughts so I know I’m not alone 🙂 It takes just one great run to gain back confidence. I hope my marathon is as successful as yours!

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