Ride the Drive adventures, and training too!

Ironically, just seven days after I loathed the final sweltering miles of the Madison Half Marathon on John Nolan drive, I found myself running that stretch of road again.  This time it wasn’t quite 90 degrees, but it was still hot, and I kept telling myself “This is good for you!! Raaahh!!”

My run started at 11:00 on John Nolan Drive which feels like running in an urban desert with the lack of shade and abundance of concrete that reflects the heat.  I did this on purpose.

Why crazy lady, tell us why!!” – you, readers, are asking this, I can hear it.

IronMan 70.3 Racine is on July 15th, typically a very hot and humid time of year.  I remember that the heat index on the IM70.3 Racine date last year was 110.  I remember thinking that they should really cancel the race, no way could I ever race in those conditions.  But the race went on, and I’m signed up for whatever conditions are handed to me.

If the race starts at 7:00, I can assume I’ll start my swim anytime between 7:00-7:30, depending on how quickly the waves go.  The swim should take about 45 minutes.  The bike, eh, 3-4 hours??  Basically, 4.5 hours after 7:00 is 11:30, I will be running in the heat, and I’ve got 5 weeks to train in it.

Since fun is necessary in training, I took my long run to the Ride the Drive event in Madison.  Ride the Drive is where they section off some busy roads from automobile traffic, and allow bikers, skaters, runners, pedestrians of all kinds rule the road.  It’s one of my favorite local events, I hope to run Ride the Drive until I’m ninety years old.

Just like the last time I participated, I took a few snapshots of my adventure:


Wisconsin residents: VOTE TODAY!!!!! VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE!!



The yellow biker-back-buggy had a stereo in it, playing disco music, which caused me to disco dance during my run.


This dude was not moving very fast. When he rode it, it was like Fred Flintstone pedaling


Free lemonade and cookies? YES!!!


Serenaded by violin music as I trek up this mountain to the Capitol




2 thoughts on “Ride the Drive adventures, and training too!

  1. We’re doing Racine too – not looking forward to the heat for the run, but I’m with you – I’ll take whatever we’re handed. Good luck!

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