Capitol View Olympic Triathlon

  • I’d never do the Capitol View triathlon again. That bike course was too hard, I hated it” —  June 2011
  • I think I’ll do the Capitol View sprint triathlon again” — March 2012
  • I can’t find an Olympic distance triathlon to do, except for Capitol View, and there’s no way I’d do that course as my first Olympic distance triathlon” — April 2012
  • Well, I need the training miles. I guess I’ll do the Olympic distance at Capitol View instead of the sprint” — June 2012

That is a true dialogue of how I found myself at the race expo on Saturday, paying a lady $10.00 more to upgrade to the Olympic distance so that I can torture myself longer on a course that I know is tough.  Not only is the course tough, but I knew heat conditions forecasted could be miserable too.

But it’s good for me. It’s allllll for the IronMan 70.3 Racine on July 15th.

The swim:  Before the start of the race, there was an announcement about weeds in the water.  He told us that if we feel them, rest assured, they will not pull us into the water. We should just relax.

Oh. Okay. (!!!!!)


Weeds be damned, my wave of pink swim-capped ladies were swimming towards the big orange buoy that looked like a mile away.  Just like in my past triathlons, I struggled with getting my face in the water to start.  I’m not afraid of the water, I’m not nervous, panicked, nothing.  It’s the adrenaline of starting the triathlon that causes my breathing rate to skyrocket.  It took around 500 meters in until my adrenaline calmed down, but by then the course had changed direction to go head on into the biggest waves I’ve ever swam in.  It took a few minutes for me to develop a strategy to dive my head through the big waves, meaning I’d come up for air after every stroke, but it got me to the next big buoy quicker.  At the next big buoy the swim changed direction to go with the big waves, and then I was Michael Phelps’ing it in to the shoreline.

The bike:  A truly wise triathlete gets a new style of pedals and clip-ins on the Thursday before their race, right? No? Oh.  Well, that’s what I did.  I needed a shoe that would be easier to deal with during the transition.  I’m fortunate that it was a smooth transition to the new kind of clip-ins.

The bike course was 24.85 miles, and I have memories of how much I hated the 10 mile sprint bike course last year.  With my new Quintana Roo, I felt a lot more confident on the course.  Though I felt confident, my legs kind of felt like jelly at the beginning of the ride.  They didn’t want to move very quickly, and I conserved energy by coasting down the hills.  Later I found out that the wind was 10-15 mph, which explained why I felt so slow for the amount of effort I was exerting.

The run:  Oddly, this was the portion that I was most nervous for prior to the race.  The run course is on trails, with lots of ups and downs, the bulk of it is on an open field with no shade, and the high temperature for the day was 89 degrees.  I ran a smart, defensive run I think.  I would run halfway up the hills, walk, and cruise down the hills.  I stopped at all 4 water stations, downed 2 cups of water, and poured 2 cups on my head. If I felt my face feel excessively hot I would stop and walk for a minute and then resume running.  I reasoned with myself often, “Does anything hurt? Are you dizzy? How about just run to that next orange cone?” I knew it would be my personal worst 10k run, but I was in survival mode, not race mode.


Fresh out of the porta-potty!


swim 1500 meters, bike 24.85 miles, run 6.2 miles

After finishing the race, I was pleased with how I did for not training specifically for it.  I am capable of doing an Olympic distance triathlon on a whim, how cool is that?

I want to go back next year and break 3 hours” — June 2012


18 thoughts on “Capitol View Olympic Triathlon

  1. That sounded fun. Been meaning to do a tri this year, but chickened out so far for lack of finding ‘flat’ water to swim in.

  2. First, weeds in the water, then waves. Sounds like a blast! Not! I’m contemplating my first tri in 7 wks…500m in a pool sounds hard to me! {I suck at swimming…}

    And I know nothing about tris but I think playing it smart/safe with the run was a good idea – 89 + humidity is freaking hot! So congrats, great job on surviving! 🙂

  3. We were supposed to race this past weekend and opted not to because e haven’t done enough swimming – you had a good race! I’d have been super happy with those times.

  4. No wonder you felt slow – you have two women clipped to your fuel belt!! Tell them to run their own shit! LOL. Congrats on the finish and knowing you’re strong enough to ‘whim it’ if you want to – getting that fit is an accomplishment.

    My boxing trainer has me start every workout with 30-45 seconds of push-ups, which is a nice warm-up and helps with that jittery pre-start adrenaline. Gives it an outlet. Or doing 30-45 seconds of ‘boxer dancing’ (think jumping rope without a rope) to be helpful. I’ve also totally stolen ‘thatpinkgirl’s’ habit of writing a mantra word on my arm with sharpie. BEST MENTAL TRICK EVER.

  5. Awesome job, Steena! So did you ever feel the weeds on your swim? That would have freaked the crap out of us! Haha So impressed with all of our friends that do tri’s! You are awesome and can’t wait for you to kick arse at Racine next month!

  6. Most excellent…you give me courage and inspiration as I head into my dreaded 1st Oly distance race in a week. Gimme a 70.3 ahnnneee DAY!! That damn 10k run sucks… way around it, I’m already having nightmares….you did stellar!! 🙂

  7. Damn, you did great! Very impressed. What type of new clip ins do you use on your bike? I’m having issues with mine and looking to try some new ones.

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