Yard Work

Turns out registering for a 70.3 with just 6 weeks to train makes one very busy.  And sore, and sleepy, and part hypochondriac, and perhaps crazy?  My busy training schedule, paired with new homeowner projects is oddly a perfect combination for my restless mind.  Because being busy is not enough, I threw in a weekend of dog-sitting in there too.  Have you ever spent the night in a house with three dogs?  It’s like having a trio of temper-tantruming four year olds quarreling over who gets the biggest cookie, but you’re the only rational being that knows the cookies are all the same!


It’s a doggy doggy world.

To escape the hiatus of housework and dog poo, I rudely abandoned Mr. HappyPace on Saturday to go ride my first IronMan Wisconsin bike loop with my friend Lisa Ruth.  Prior to experiencing the course, my imagination ran wild with mountainous hills throughout the entire ride.  Actually experiencing it, the hills were not that bad.  I found myself cruising with joy, thinking to myself that I can possibly do IronMan next year.

Lisa Ruth threw a cherry on top of my joy by telling me that I rode really strong and that I am capable of an IronMan this year!  Hearing that may have given me my first cyclist high!

After the 38 mile ride, my longest ride to date, I was feeling so good and ecstatic that I threw on the Mizunos for a run.  This was 45 minutes after a hefty lunch with a beer, and to my dumbfound shock it was 93 degrees out at 2:30 in the afternoon.  Apparently when I’m ecstatic I’m not smart.  I death marched down the bike path on a full belly, having to stop and walk every quarter mile.  It was so hot and awful feeling, and omg that’s what IronMan70.3 Racine is going to feel like!

I came home after 3 defeating miles, and told Mr. HappyPace “I take it back, I can’t do an IronMan”

And he said, “Good, there’s yard work to be done!”

He’s right, there is yard work to be done, and by yard work I mean more IronMan Wisconsin bike loops!


This is my front lawn, I DID THAT, with my hands.


8 thoughts on “Yard Work

  1. I hate yardwork, gardening, weeding, planting etc. I know people say it is relaxing/rewarding.
    I call it outdoor cleaning. 🙂
    You are IronMan. Don’t stress.

  2. Are you really considering an IronMan?? That’s huge! You should totally do it..but I’ll think you’re crazy. My sis-in-law has done 4 and they are so fun to watch. But she’s crazy too.

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