Summerfest Rock ‘n Sole Run and Bradley Cooper

In 2011 the inaugural Summerfest Rock ‘n Sole run turned out to be a hot mess.  The race fell short of enough volunteer staff, medical staff, water, or water cups.  Extreme heat didn’t help.  Needless to say, the event didn’t make a good name for itself.  Some time after, the race directors who put on the Madison Mini Marathon took over the event planning for the Rock ‘n Sole Run.  When I received an e-mail with that news, and the “register now” link, I didn’t doubt for a second that the event would go more smoothly the second time around.

Going into this event, I didn’t have any specific time goals, or intentions other than calling it a training run for IronMan 70.3 Racine.  Though it was just a training run, the curious part of me wondered what my legs could do with 13.1 miles right now since my last-summer speed has been making an appearance lately.

I started the race with my friend RasberiRunner, who is a speedy little thing.  She started me off with a couple of sub 9 minute miles, which didn’t feel like an excessive amount of effort considering I was able to maintain conversation with her.  We split some time after mile 3, and that’s when the sunblock that I put on my face started to drip into my eyes.  Running blindly, I ran with one eye closed until I reached the next aid station.  I asked a volunteer for a towel to get the sunblock out of my eyes, and I swear to god I thought it was Bradley Cooper.  His eyes sparkled, his smile was sexy!!  I almost asked him, “Hey, are you that hot guy from The Hangover?” but I didn’t want them to take me off the course for being delirious.


All smiles after Bradley Cooper rescued my eyeballs

I could also use a bath…

Now that I know not to put sunblock on my forehead during races, maybe in the next one I won’t waste precious seconds ogling at Bradley Cooper dopplegangers.  Those precious, yet sexy seconds that I wasted cost me a sub 2:05–NOT that I’m complaining or one bit disappointed with my finish.  I’m quite ecstatic about my finish of 2:05:33.  It’s my best half marathon finish this year, and my second best finish time overall.  It’s also seven minutes less than my half marathon just 27 days ago at the Madison Marathon.  I’m so ecstatic about this, I think I deserve a sofa night with Bradley Cooper.


7 thoughts on “Summerfest Rock ‘n Sole Run and Bradley Cooper

  1. very nice….and in the heat too!! Sunblock eyes down and wear a hat/visor!! That being said, start getting use to it now b/c you can’t start raceday…it’ll annoy the hell out of you!! 🙂

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