Four Things Friday: Vacation

My employer requires that I use 5 days of my vacation time consecutively. I dislike this policy A LOT. I’d much rather use my vacation days the way that I want, with some random 3 day weekends here and there throughout the summer. But, I wasn’t invited to write the policy manual, so, my 5 consecutive day vacation starts today at 5:00.

So what will I do with my forced vacation time?

  • Go to Devil’s Lake in Baraboo, WI.  I love this lake. The water is crystal clear, it’s surrounded by beautiful bluffs, the hiking trails are challenging but you hardly notice because the scenery is so wonderful…Besides the beauty of it all, I need some more open water swim practice. IronMan 70.3 Racine is only SIXTEEN DAYS FROM NOW, and my only open water swim practice was during Capital View Triathlon a few weeks ago.
  • Watch fireworks.  The Fourth of July is my absolute favorite holiday of the year. To me it’s freedom from being at work, it’s being OUTSIDE, it’s sunburn, it’s swimming, it’s fireworks, a frosty beer, mosquito bites, it’s a celebration of all things summer.


  • Finish my dish garden.  Last weekend I pulled away a jungle of weeds around the corner of my garage and have an empty space to do some landscaping. My bright idea was to make a border with funky dishes from thrift stores. I’ve got a good start, but I need more dishes, and, um, maybe some flowers to put behind the dishes, because I’ve been told I can’t just put my dirty dishes out there.
  • Sleep in.  I am TIRED.  Since moving into the home and signing up for a 70.3 I haven’t had a night of sleep that felt like enough.  It’s constant yard work, run some miles, take out the trash, bike some miles, water the flowers, swim some yards, go, go go.  I can’t wait to wake up, look at the clock, and roll over to drift back into sweet, sweet tapery sleep.  It’s going to be bliss.

Last, but most important:  margaritas!!  Happy vacation to me!


8 thoughts on “Four Things Friday: Vacation

  1. That is really obnoxious for a policy! I’d take 3 day weekends over one big week any day! Even so, enjoy your time off!

    I’m excited for fireworks too! We are flying back go WI on the 4th and thats the only way we’ll see fireworks as they are definitely not happening in CO. Too much fire risk. I think just one place downtown has them and I have no desire to deal with those crowds!

  2. That is such a weird vacation policy. I have never heard of anything like that! And what if you want a three day weekend? Can you not take it? Anyway, I hope you enjoy your time off. Sounds like some great things are in store.

    • I do have some other days left to take a 3 day weekend, but not enough to do all of the things that I’d like to, I end up missing out a on a few things because the 5 consecutive days sucks up a lot of my time.

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