Oh HAI August!!

Knowing that I’ve neglected my blog lately and feeling like I haven’t been up to anything interesting, I wondered, “Well what HAVE I done in two weeks?”

I hosted my first party in my new house.  I live on the same block as a Greek Orthodox Church that puts on a Greek-Fest block party all weekend.  Having a block party on my lawn was a good enough excuse to invite all of the contents of my FaceBook friend list over for some beers and people watching.  I was so happy to see some of my favorite people that I haven’t seen in a very long time.

Then it turned August.  Did you notice?  Most people are ecstatic about the idea of August because August leads to September, which brings fall, and lovely running weather.  I’m not most people.  I’m savoring the daylight as much as I can knowing that soon it will be saved for later.

My fall marathon training has begun, and so far so good!  John and I did a lake loop of 12 miles.  It was his longest run, and my best lake loop!  The lake loop will be an excellent route for me to train on since my fall marathon will be hilly.

Runner-CartoonNext Saturday the 18th will be my third Madison Mini Marathon.  This race has become a must-do every summer.  It’s a course where I’ve PR’ed my half marathon time every year and really badly want to do it again.  I’m embarrassed to admit, but as I’m typing this I’m skipping my mid-length hilly run.  My entire lower extremity is tired, sore and achy.  Wah, wah wah.  I spent all afternoon arguing with myself on whether this is shear laziness, or an actual listen-to-the-body thing.  What I do know is that if I miss my goal by even a mere 30 seconds, I will remember this skipped run.

How do you differentiate between laziness and listening to the body?


12 thoughts on “Oh HAI August!!

  1. As hard as we work at training, it’s never laziness. Whenever I am tempted to be lazy, I feel too guilty to not workout. If I skip a day, it’s because I am exhausted or injured.

  2. Rest does a body good. I’ve missed a run every week for probably 6 straight weeks — including one of my long runs — and my body has thanked me every time.

  3. For me, laziness is when I can think of 42,000 reasons that I need to do something other than run but know in my heart of hearts that I really need to lace up my running shoes first. I’ll keep coming up with something to put my run off further & I know when I hear myself say ‘Well, I don’t want to get all sweaty before…’ that I’m just moaning and need to suck it up.

    But for rest – that’s when I’m starring at my running shoes – and they’re starring back and shaking their little laces at me ‘no, no, no’ no matter how long I look at them. I can almost feel more core twinge or get a little nauseous at the thought of heading out on a run. The pit of my stomach aches.

  4. I love the ‘Get Up Time to Run’ pic. I think I’m going make a HUGE printout of that and show it to my trainer (er… better 1/2) during those 5am wake up calls!

  5. I’m sitting here reading your post while contemplating the same exact thing. I took yesterday off because I felt like hell run over and today I’m not sure if I’m still sick or just a whiny brat. Still don’t know the answer, but in the past I’ve gotten to the point where I’m all suited up and at the start of my run before I know it’s a rest day. I use a quarter mile rule; if by a quarter mile I’m not laughing at how lazy I was being, then I wasn’t being lazy and need to curl up on the couch.

  6. Blowing off a run for a rest day? Depends. If using my foam roller &/or my stick doesn’t loosen the calf muscles enough to run – I need a rest day. Otherwise, I’m just being lazy. 🙂

  7. Hmmm, I asked myself that same question after a four-hour nap this afternoon that was preceded by an 11-hour night of sleep. There was a lot of nutella eating in there too. Umm, so basically I shouldn’t be giving advice on listening to your body. But that sleeping felt good!

    I’m also sad about less daylight. Although it helps the kids go to bed earlier, it’s just sad to see it go.

  8. Ahhhh, the longer we do this the wiser we get. If you think you need rest then I’m going to say you probably do. 1 workout won’t make OR break things….but just failing to listen to the body 1 little time, well we ALL know where that can lead!! 🙂
    I’m on a blogging hiatus…its too hot. My brain has been fried of all creativity! 😉

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