Madison Mini Marathon and a bag of Skittles

Welp, I finished a half marathon in less than 2 hours. I can now retire from racing half marathons. Running them yes, racing them?–  omg, it’s TOO MUCH EFFORT!!

Just kidding, maybe, kinda,this is crazy …CALL ME?  MAYBE?

Seriously though, I haven’t actually raced a half marathon since the Madison Mini Marathon last year, and the year before it.  It has become an annual thing, to put my best effort on that course.  It’s the first half marathon that I have ever PR’ed in 2010, so I dutifully worked my butt off to continue that trend.  I took my tempo runs to the Arboretum, I ran hills, I cross trained, I stretched, I strengthened, I was bound and determined to bust 2 hours.

Along with my hard work, the stars aligned.  Mother Nature was kind with a 50 degree starting temperature!  So, basically, I had no excuse not to perform well.  On top of perfect temps, my bestie Diana led the way to the finish line.  Running beside Diana and John was all the motive I needed to keep moving quickly when I wanted to slow down.  At mile 10 I did the math and knew that I could run/walk or do 10 minute miles to the finish and still be under 2 hours, but my race partners wouldn’t have any of that.  They got all drill sergeant on my ass.


Mo Farah

I took their orders, I grumbled at their annoyances in the last couple of miles, and we crossed the finish in 1:57:50, smashing my goal by 2 minutes!  Speaking of smash, Diana smashed right into the person who finished in front of her who came to a dead stop right at the finish line.  Meanwhile, John did the Mo Farah finish, and I was just elated to get the bag of Skittles out of my bra that I ran with the entire 13.1 miles.

Why was there a bag of Skittles in my bra you ask?  Pfffft, it doesn’t matter, I FINISHED UNDER 2 HOURS!!!

I’m thinking it’s going to be the best race photo ever.  But for now, I leave with you with our happy sub 2 hour faces.

Oh, and margarita!!

I got 2 medals because I did the Rock ‘N Sole half marathon in Milwaukee in June. If you did both races they gave you an extra medal. I just told people who asked that I won.


19 thoughts on “Madison Mini Marathon and a bag of Skittles

  1. Sah-WEET!! Nice work lady!
    However, if I ever meet you in person, I am now going to be wondering if you’ve got snacks in your rack…can not imagine 13.1 with Skittles in my bra…guess that’s why you’re magical. 🙂

  2. WAHOO!! Way to get that sub 2 half! Bet that felt uh-mazing!! And nice bonus for the day getting two medals! They both are awesome! And I big bahahaha to Diana running into that person

  3. Congrats! I think when it comes to “racing” half marathons, there’s no reason to put forth 100% more than once or twice a year unless you make it your “thing.” I’ve done 4 half marathons this year and really only “raced” one. When you look at them as training runs or run a course with unique challenges, you can prepare for them much better mentally.

  4. I’m thinking a bag of Skittles in the sports bra for 13.1 miles would come out perfect – just warm enough to be chewy, but not melted. Am I right?

    Congrats on a great race…and for the sub-2 half! I’m still staring down the PR that will get me there! Currently stuck at 2:03, which is from my very first half marathon…must have taken training more seriously then. Hm.

  5. My 2013 goal is to go sub-2 and I just signed up for this race today!! Not sure if I will shoot for sub-2 at this one but one next year! So glad I found your blog while searching out reviews on this race. Looking forwarding to reading more.

    • Oh cool! It’s my favorite race in Madison! I’m already signed up for 2013 too! You can sub 2 on this race, just train your butt off on hills! 😀

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