Note to Future Self

UntitledIronman weekend here in Madison has thoroughly exhausted me, and I didn’t even cover 140.6 miles.  Spectating and volunteering was hard work!  I have so much to say about the weekend, but I have a feeling that if you’re here and reading, all you really want to know is if I signed up for 2013.

Shall I add a drum roll?

Pffft, who am I kidding? There’s no suspense to be had here.  I am signed up.

I have reasons, would you like to read them? Doesn’t matter, I’m going to type them out anyway so that when next July I wonder what the hell I got myself into, I’ll have something to look back at and go, “Ahhh, okay, THAT’S why”

  • I live 2 miles from the start and finish. I will be able to wake up in my own bed on race day. Do I really have an excuse not to sign up?
  • I live in the general vicinity of the race course and will be able to train on it. Training on one of the toughest Ironman bike courses is going to help immensely.
  • I had the money saved up already.
  • I’m comfortable and good at swimming. It’d be a waste of swim talent not to sign up.
  • I have a very nice tri bike.  The reason I bought it in the first place was so that I could do longer distance triathlons.  I am equipped for 112 miles!
  • A friend GAVE me a wetsuit. When a friend you meet on Twitter GIVES you a wetsuit, you sign up for an Ironman, it’s a requirement.
  • I’m good at surviving a marathon. All four of my marathons have been a survival march to the finish instead of actually racing them. I know that I can get through 26.2 miles of hell.
  • Dean Karnazes told me to.
  • There will be pie at the finish.


Another note to my future self is how much effort it was just to sign up.  I lost my voice during a volunteer shift to hand out ice and water for 4 and a half hours.  I stayed at the finish until midnight, got 5 hours of sleep, I was out of bed by 6:00 am, and in line at the Monona Terrace by 6:30 am.  At that time of morning I was approximately the 200th person in line, and the line continued to grow behind me.  I was exhausted, tired, and wanted so badly to be in bed sleeping.  Yet, there I stood in line for three hours.  Apparently I really want this.


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16 thoughts on “Note to Future Self

  1. Incredible, great, what a decision! Congrats on this alone. I will be following you (no, not stalking) and see how your training goes. We went to the marathon course and the finish just to cheer, and I felt that impulse … that somebody give me wetsuit.

  2. I’ll remind you, if you remind me…..
    I jacked my back up this weekend and can hardly walk….much less swim, bike OR run…..DO IT NOW…before age catches up with you!! I figureitsa now or never thing….
    MY GOAL: make it to the start standing with no KTape anywhere !! 🙂

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