All of the Awesome

There is so much awesome happening around me, I can hardly contain it.  I might burst with excitement for my friends who have accomplished incredible things.


Lisa Ruth happily running down the finish chute

First, there was Lisa Ruth who finished an Ironman.  One hundred forty point six miles.  It was my favorite day of spectating ever.  To see her persevere through the toughness of that day was truly inspiring.  After the finish she looked at me in disbelief, “Steena, I did it!!”  She looked fantastic.

Then, Diana finished her first 50k trail run!  The week leading up to it she was nervous but was able to keep calm and carb up.  I’ve always been in awe of how Diana can train for long distances and makes it seem effortless.  It’s possible that she turns into part monster when the BodyGlide is applied.  Also, props to Krista and Rochelle on their finishes along with Diana!


a trio of unicorn chasers

The very next morning my long-time friend Becca spontaneously did her first duathlon!  She approached me 48 hours before the race and asked if it was possible to do it on a mountain bike.  Yes, where there is a will there is a way, especially in the multi-sport community.  To ease her concern with the mountain bike, I was able to find a loaner for her.  On an unfamiliar road bike loaned from Diana, Becca pedaled hard in her first duathlon.  It takes a lot of guts to show up to this kind of event with little experience.


Becca’s happy finish

At this very same duathlon was my friend Danielle that I met from DailyMile.  She shot me a text the night before to say that she was thinking about registering.  Duh, what do you think happens when you text me unsure of registering for a race or not, “REGISTER, DO IT, NOW” is my only response.  Danielle isn’t confident on the bike, but she came out and did it.  Apparently she wanted extra practice on the bike because she got off course and snuck in three extra miles.  Way to go Danielle!

Lastly, my husband of seven years did the duathlon.  He is also ill-equipped in the bike department.  He has a clunky Trek hybrid bike.  He didn’t even own a helmet until the day before the race.  But John was up for it, he wanted to see what he could do.  Heavy bike be damned, John rode 17 mph, passing guys with alien helmets and carbon fiber bikes.  Though, I will mention here that when I passed him around mile 5 he yelled at me “GET ME A BETTER BIKE!!”

These are the people I’ve surrounded myself with lately.  Tough, goal-crushing, good people.


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