Race Dreams

I always have crazy race dreams weeks leading up to my A race.  Before my first 10k I dreamed that I showed up to it in high heels and had a difficult time running.  For my first half marathon I dreamed that I got lost on the race course.  While training for my first marathon I dreamed that there were obstacles, like a bridge having huge holes in it and I could fall to my death.  A psychic would probably tell me these dreams have deeper meaning.

This morning I woke from another wild one.  For my next marathon, The Haunted Hustle, I dreamed that my chip time read 5:29, while I really finished in 4:29.  In the dream I didn’t know that I really finished an hour sooner because my Garmin had malfunctioned.  But I was devastated and couldn’t believe that it took me so long because I ran what felt like a really strong race with no bonking.  I wanted to run a different marathon in a few weeks to try again.  I wanted out of Ironman until I could finish a marathon within my capabilities.


The silly dream got me thinking about my goals and expectations for this next marathon.  It’ll be my fifth marathon.  I know that I can survive the distance.  I know that if I bonk I’ll trot to the end until I get my damn medal.  I know that if it’s 90 degrees I will run/walk for five hours to the finish.  I know I can tolerate unpleasant race conditions.

Though I feel confident about the Haunted Hustle, the taper-crazies are beginning to stir up all kinds of what-if thoughts.

What if it’s pouring cold rain?

What if I wake up and I don’t feeeel like it?

What if my hamstring flares up?

What if there’s 30 mph wind?



16 thoughts on “Race Dreams

    • Does your dog ever give you the tilty-face? You know, when you say something, but the pitch of your voice goes up, and he tilts his head at you, as if trying to figure out what you are saying…? Well, I just gave you the tilty-face. hehehehe.

      > Date: Tue, 2 Oct 2012 16:18:56 +0000 > To: sax0steena@hotmail.com >

      • What I’m saying is what someone below said. I’m saying … what if all you do is just go out there, run the race the best that you can do and have fun with it? All these other worries will eat up too much of your time this week, cause unnecessary stress.

  1. What if there are things you can’t control? That’s what ‘what if’ really is – worrying about losing control. The truth is that you can’t control any of it – you can only control you. And you know you are going to do this marathon – the best that you can – with a good strategy in place – and all the training behind you – and what will happen on the course will happen. Good or crappy. You’ll finish it. Been there, done that, doing it again – and learning even more about you in the process. Go get it done.

  2. I have the obstacle course one a lot! And usually this involves going indoors, through a house or building. The best part is waking up and realizing that didn’t really happen!

  3. How funny and familiar. Even in my very limited event career, if I’m able to sleep leading up to the event, the dreams or psychosis run wild. And I thought it was just me :-).

  4. I’m right there with ya…I always get race anxiety, so I don’t have the best advice for you. But just have fun with it, you’ll do great! Plus it’s October…I hiiighly doubt you’ll have 90 degree weather. But then again…we do live in Wisconsin…

  5. Pouring rain and 30 mph winds: If I ran a half marathon in sideways sleeting rain with 30+mph winds, you can totally do it.

    What if I wake up and I don’t feeeel like it: This is me 99% of the time. Just do it.

    What if my hamstring flares up: Then you run/walk it. 🙂 I did the Lakefront Marathon last year with a bum knee and met some pretty amazing people who were out there despite their own circumstances. One lady had JUST given birth a few weeks prior — by C-section. Z O M G.

    I agree with David, what if you just go out there and have fun? 🙂

    • You’re missing the point… I know I cannnnnnnnn in these circumstances, I just want to run one damn marathon without crap weather or injury. That’s all. I want to know what I’m capable of under pleasant conditions.

      > Date: Thu, 4 Oct 2012 17:49:48 +0000 > To: sax0steena@hotmail.com >

  6. What if the weather doesn’t matter? I ran my first long race in a long time (13.1) this weekend. The snow came down in whiteout conditions and the water in the aid station cups was slushy, but I had a blast! You will too!

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