Tyranena Beer Run

To recap the Tyranena Beer Run in short:  FUN FUN FUN FUN FUN!!!!!!

When I found out that this race was on my birthday it immediately became a must-do. Having most of my favorite runner friends there made it even more omg-must-do-WEEeeeEeee!!

I ran my race with Diana, who has quickly become my friend in shining armor. Having her friendship is better than any gift I could ask for (But I still want an iPhone 5 if anyone is wondering what to get me for a belated gift). We spent 12 miles catching up, judging people, being inappropriate, and pulling each other in moments of ugggh. At mile 12 we split. She had determination and energy left for a stronger finish, I had nothing left in the tank except for sheer joy.

My final split was an even 9 minutes, and I finished in a happy 2:03:01! That’s my third best half marathon finish time, and I’m pretty darn proud of it since it was a comfortable conversation with some big hills in miles 3 through 5. Happy birthday finish to meeeeeeee!!

After the race there was lasagna, two beers, three birthday cakes, a partridge in a pear tree, and good company to be enjoyed. I couldn’t have had a more fabulous birthday, thank you to all who shared it with me!






12 thoughts on “Tyranena Beer Run

  1. This is so full of awesome! Congrats on such an successful and enjoyable birthday race! And running the tank to empty sounds like just the right way to celebrate. Well, that and the triple birthday cake action. You clearly have a healthy overlap of friends who bake and run. I’m jealous. Happy birthday!

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