If This, then That

This whole year has been “if this, then that, if X then Y, if A then C…” if that makes any sense.  It started with me signing up for the Madison (half) Marathon just 21 days after my full Wisconsin Marathon.  If my legs could handle a half marathon that soon after a full, then it opened a whole new world of race opportunity for me.  Not that I was racing, but it was great to participate in events with a lot of my favorite social media circles.

If this, then that.  If I could run 13.1 miles twenty-one days after 26.2 in the spring, then I could do it again in the fall.

So I did!

Knowing that the Tyranena Beer Run was only twenty days after my full marathon, I purposely waited to make any decisions about spring 2013 races, aside from Ragnar in June that I’m already committed to.  I wanted to see how my legs would hold up, if any new mystery pains would appear.

The good news, no new mystery pains.  The frustrating news,  my same old reoccurring pains are currently in full rotation.  The more positive news, none of these pains are in full swing injury, just things that I need to be cautious with.


F U N . Running is fun.

So if X then Y…  If my limbs are revolting, I’ll forgo a spring marathon and focus on keeping my legs healthy for Ironman in September.

If A then C..  If I had THAT much fun at the Tyranena Beer Run, then I’ll have THAT much fun again in the spring doing a handful of half marathons with my favorite runner pals.

Experiments are fun!


10 thoughts on “If This, then That

  1. Love that pic and I am totally with you. I am changing up my training right now and there is a lot of: Well, if we do this and it is working, we will do this and this and that.
    I likey.

  2. I’m that way right now too. There are some things I want to do in the Spring, so I’m sort of testing my body’s limits over the next three months. If I don’t kill myself, then I’ll do more of it!

  3. I totally get it! My whole ultra training this past summer was a 17 week experiment! I had no idea how my legs would hold up, if my shins would start screaming, if my head could handle it….etc etc.

    I’ve got nothing planned for Spring yet, but my shins have alerted me that it’s not time yet.

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