Hostile Friday

Before you go out to do your Black Friday shopping, please consider this:

The employees who are forced to work ON Thanksgiving Day, at midnight, at 3:00 AM, etc… do not want to be there.  They have families too.  They had to cut their Thanksgiving celebration with their family short, or maybe forgo it altogether because their employer was greedy and made them work those hours.

So when the retailer of your choice only stocked 2 of those door-buster TVs that they advertised, don’t be hostile at the defenseless cashier.  It’s not his or her fault.

When the lines are long, don’t give an attitude at that cashier.  That cashier is missing out on family bonding time with their own children.

When something doesn’t scan the sale price, don’t shake your fist at the cashier.

Be kind.

Remember to be Thankful on Black Friday too.


8 thoughts on “Hostile Friday

  1. I hate black friday. Can I be hostile towards it? And I even am obsessed with good deals, but I kind of think black friday is a marketing scam that never pans out to be quite as good of a deal as you hoped. Definitely not worth getting trampled for.

  2. If you go shopping on Black Friday you have to have a good attitude and lots of patience. You should expect traffic, crowds, long lines and trashed store displays. That’s why I stay home. 🙂

  3. this was the first Black Friday in history I stepped out to snag a deal (actually, 8pm on Thursday). I got my deal but I didn’t like the hellish shopping scene at all. I’m staying home next year…

  4. I’ve both worked and shopped on Black Friday, though both occasions were almost 5 years ago, before Black Friday started Thursday. I’ve only done the shopping once, and probably won’t do it again, it takes an extreme amount of patience and I really d on’t feel like the sales are worth it any longer. The whole stores opening on Thanksgiving really turned both my husband and myself away from shopping this year.

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