141 Words this Wednesday – Snapshots

I’ve done very little running in November.. 43 miles.  My lowest monthly mileage all year long.

I’m still battling little nagging pains.

I’ve been transitioning into a huge job change.

I have nothing in particular to blog about…

So I give you snapshots of the tidbits in my world.

Instagram came to life

My most recent home decor project: Instagrams come to life in a hallway at my house.  The walls are also newly painted.

A lovely intro to winter trail run. I hope that the next time I take this photo there is a foot of snow there.

Taken during week 2 of training at my new job.


I wore pigtails to work.  I’m so happy to be at an easygoing, fun work environment.

That’s what I’ve been up to!


11 thoughts on “141 Words this Wednesday – Snapshots

  1. Love the Instagram gallery too. You look great and best wishes at your new job! I know how you feel about the low mileage running as I look back I have not ran not one race this year. :/

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