Jingle Bell

There has been a lack of Christmas spirit in my house lately.  No snow, no tree, no stockings, no snow, no presents, no plans… did I mention NO SNOW??


Gots my Christmas tree!

Two birds with one stone, got my snow and a Christmas tree!

And of course I did some running over the spirited weekend.  I ran a Jingle Bell 10k here in Madison.  When I signed up my intentions were to just have fun, no time goal.  But when I did a shakeout run Friday morning at an easy relaxed pace, it ended up being at an even 9 minute mile.  With my 10k PR being at an 8:40 pace, I decided to imagine I was leading Santa’s sleigh so I could deliver joy at a quicker pace.

Saturday morning I slapped on my finest holiday run apparel, dashed hard around the Arboretum, and HO! HO! HO! bagged a 10k PR!!


My new 10k PR is 51:46, an 8:20 pace!!!  Yes!!  I hope that Santa is just as proud of my PR and brings me a year subscription to Triathlete Magazine, ahem.  Hint, hint.

If you’re wondering how I put together my wardrobe, the media has been alerted, there is a video. It’s just a 4 second blip, but, hey, that’s my PR glow babbling about my outfit!

Click the word SNOW to view the video.

Have fun with THAT! And be jolly!


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