The Meaning of Mileage

Yesterday morning I woke up thinking that I’d be running my 1000th mile of the year.  What an exciting thought!  I bundled up for 4 degrees, slipped the Stableicers on, and off I went.  It was a magical winter wonderland out.

Running in the snow!! I thought this was my 1000th mile..

When I got home, I triple checked my miles for the year, (after stretching of course), and discovered that I unknowingly hit 1000 last Saturday.  There’s no photo to frame from last Saturday because it was a grotesque rainy, windy day out.  No fanfare, but darn it, I finally ran 1000 miles in a calendar year!  In previous years I’ve come close, but always get sidelined by a hurt limb.  This hopefully means that I’ve gotten stronger, more patient, and smart about my legs this year.

Flipping through my calendar, looking at some of the long run numbers, I remember something about each of those runs.  That’s what’s most important about all of the logging miles.  It’s not just a number, it’s memories too.


9 thoughts on “The Meaning of Mileage

  1. Congratulations!! I know those years well, where it seems like everything gets in the way of hitting whatever magic number you’re close to. I couldn’t agree more that it’s the memories and the experience (the adventure) of the runs; the mileage is like the medal 🙂 but not necessarily the most important thing. Great year for you!!

  2. Congrats on getting to 1,000. I know it was such a big focus for me a few years ago that it lost its special meaning. You did it right by hitting it and not knowing it. It makes all those miles more special.

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