The year, the things, and happy thoughts

I’m taking 2012, bubble-wrapping it, savoring the memories of some really great milestones, and then anxiously moving forward into a new year.  A whole ‘nother 365 days of things to come.

I started 2012 with a DNS, and then managed to get two more by year’s end.  But I did finagle 7 half marathons, 2 full marathons, my first 70.3, and some other random races in there.  Outside of my athletic life, we became first time home buyers!  I can’t decide which milestone I’m happier about, my very own home or my recent new job upgrade.  If these are the things that I can’t decide, then I can safely say that 2012 was damn good.

As for 2013 my goal is simply to keep my head in this happy place.  Happy, fa la la la laaaa happy.  There’s also this little thing called Ironman that I will be slaving for all summer, so it’ll be important to keep my head above water, you know, unless I’m swimming, then it should be in the water.  But as long as I’m exhaling smiling bubbles in the water, that still counts, right?

Anyhow, to keep the happy thoughts thriving I am going to…


Happy New Year all!

P.S. Be safe!!


10 thoughts on “The year, the things, and happy thoughts

  1. Congratulations on a fine year. I hope 2013 is just as exciting as 2012 for you. Have your ever tried running ultramarathons? You could do a 50km or 50 miler….then a 100km for 100 miler after that.

  2. That’s a great idea! I think I’ll do that with great & positive things too. I already know what container I’m going to use. 🙂

    Which Ironman are you doing? I remember that you KILLED it in your 1/2 Ironman, so I’m sure you’ll do great in your full.

  3. Looking forward to following along w/ you IM adventures! And I love that last idea about putting things in a jar – I might need to borrow that 🙂

    Happy New Year!

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