I’m a little Vegucated

I’ve been inspired, but I’m afraid to take a huge leap.  Last weekend I had a gathering in my home with some longtime friends.  My friend Becky and her husband have recently gone vegan.  They look GREAT.  Like, glowing happy and healthy.

I want in.

But do you know what vegans can’t eat?  They don’t consume milk, cheese, hot dogs, chicken wings, or even whey protein.  GASP, no creamer in my coffee?  Could I possibly do that?

Turns out, I can.  I bought some Silk Soymilk and put it in my coffee yesterday morning.  It was an acceptable alternative to my taste buds.  I realize that it’s going to take a lot more effort than just switching from creamer to soymilk, but hey, b a b y  s t e p s.

Another thing that swayed me to think like a crazy vegan is the documentary Vegucated.  The description on Netflix said that it was about 6 New Yorkers who went vegan.  I thought it would be more about their lifestyle, the challenges, how they overcome it, etc.  It was more about animal cruelty than that, but omg, after watching what goes on in those farms I’m turned off from meat.

The day after I watched the documentary, I flipped through my Triathlete Magazine and landed on an article about Rich Roll, an ultra endurance athlete who lives on a plant based diet.  It was a good read, and I’m going to pick up his book today if I can find it.

I’m INSPIRED to eat TOFU!!

…I think.  The good news is that Oreos are vegan, so there’s that. 

Like I said, I’m hesitant to take a leap, but little hops might lead me to a happy and healthy glowing lifestyle.  Plus there’s comfort in knowing that I’ll always have Oreos.


19 thoughts on “I’m a little Vegucated

  1. Oreos’ center creme is lard-based=not vegan approved. I could never go vegan-I love honey and yogurt and cheese too much! Good luck to you!

  2. Rich Roll’s book is amazing (I picked it up after reading the same article!) I too am doing baby steps – dropping meat has been no problem, even giving up dairy has been ok (I’ve been using almond milk and plant based protein powder for over a year – Vega brand is excellent). But for me the challenge has been eggs, and butter. Working on it!

    Good luck – I’m going to go check out Vegucated this weekend!

  3. My sister is a super healthy LA girl, and every time I see her, I want to be that. I just won some two-week online clean eating tutorial that starts next week. Maybe that will give me a partial glow. But I might sneak Oreos after midnight.

  4. I don’t eat a lot of meat- I’m about 99% vegatarian but probably wouldn’t ever go vegan. I really, really like cheese and ice cream (and have tried the vegan copycats) and they just aren’t even close to the same! My feeling is that healthy eating is about balance and what works best for your lifestyle!

    • I agree, balance is key. One thing about my friend is she’s not a freak-out vegan, she did indulge and eat the foods that I had prepared for the party. Social eating is too hard for strict eating of any kind.

  5. I admire people who eat vegetarian and vegan, but I just can’t do it right now. I’m not sure I want to eat Oreos now that I know the cream filling isn’t made with cream.

    • I apparently have to double check on the Oreos, someone above just corrected me. I think I just need to do something drastic right now to jump start myself into better eating overall.

  6. I also viewed that documentary during a bike training session on my trainer. I am working towards eating cleaner and healthier as I prep for my first Ironman, but not sure I could go completely vegan. Best of luck to you. That documentary did make me avoid me for a few days though!

    • That’s a huge concern for me too, during Ironman training I’m not going to have as much free time, and I’ll be hungrier. I’ll adjust if needed when I get there.

  7. I’ve always been interested in going vegeterian. I’m not sure if I could go vegan though. Maybe after I move out of my mom & dad’s house (soon!) I’ll be able to try going vegetarian. It would be alot of babysteps for me.

  8. I am so look excited that you are giving it a try! Let me know if you nerd any suport, from your hippie vegan bbf

  9. I seriously like my red meat. And white meat. And eggs. And milk. And cheese. And butter. I’d be a horrible vegan. I’d probably have to eat just Oreos!

    And yes, I realize that is a completely closed minded view on all this, I know it is possible to eat more than oreos and that there are perfectly acceptable substitutions for all that other stuff. However, I’m too lazy to put forth the effort. So, I really do commend anyone who has the patience and dedication to go vegan, or even veggie. I’m interested to see how you like it and what kind of results you see!

    • Your response is exactly how I would normally react! For some odd reason, I feel like the time is right to try something radical. It’s an experiment. If its awful, I’ll quit & eat scrambled eggs. 🙂

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      • I can see how that happens, everything just making sense. I just sorted through hundreds of unorganized photos and saw tons of photos of food…that I cooked {and photographed for no apparent reason…?}. I was amazed. I used to actually cook. Like, from scratch! Life has gotten in the way and I’m really excited to cook again. Maybe I’ll experiment…with The Husband’s taste buds, not sure how far I’ll get. I’ve been really considering “cleaning” up our diets which could make a big difference.

  10. I’m sure you’ve already come across this, but if not: http://www.nomeatathlete.com/
    it’s been a great resource to me, even though I’m omnivorous. I’ve done the vegetarian thing for up to a month on occasion, but I do like a red meat about twice a month. Don’t think I could do it permanently, but have made significant reductions in meat consumption as I’ve been getting healthier.

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