He’s all in

Just 24 hours after my last post about making baby steps towards a vegan diet I found myself putting non-perishable items made with milk or egg  in a bag to donate to a food pantry.  And then taking inventory on the perishable items and asking friends to take them, rather than just wasting it in the trash.

I really wasn’t planning on analyzing ingredients on the bag of a loaf of bread, but John was, and did.  Dammit.  So he’s all in.  If he’s all in, that makes me all in, and, um, that’s what she said?

So we went grocery shopping and came home with a ton of vegetables, fruits, and soy substitutes.  We also renewed our membership to the Willy Street Co-op.  We both made it an entire day eating vegan.

It wasn’t that hard.

We both agreed that this is doable.  John is researching the more scientific part about the nutrition, vitamins, minerals and such that we will probably be lacking by cutting out two entire food groups.  I’m so lucky to have him!

One observation I made, and it could be a fluke, but I went out for a 5 mile run and felt weightless.  It was one of those perfect runs where you feel like you can run to the edge of the earth.  It was a fast for me run, and bonus, it was on icy roads.  I can’t help but wonder how much faster it would have been on a clean spring day.  If my body is already reacting this well to earthy eating it’s going to be hard not to stick with it.

But who knows, it could have been a fluke.  Time will tell if it benefits my training or not.  It was relatively easy to eat clean on a Sunday, the true test will be getting through a full work week.  A full work week starts….now.


10 thoughts on “He’s all in

  1. Good on ya!!! I’m proud of you. This makes me want to try and go vegetarian. I think when I move out on Feb 1st I’ll attempt to go vegetarian. I don’t know if I could do the whole vegan thing. But, going vegetarian is the first step (at least for me), right?

  2. I applaud your dedication. I’m glad that John is also on board, it’s so much harder to make diet changes when only one person in the house is committed. I hope you keep us updated on how it’s going for the both of you.

  3. It really helps when everyone in your house eats the same diet. My house? Three different eating styles. Anyhow, I haven’t tried vegan, but I’ve done vegetarian. I can’t wait to see how you like being vegan. 🙂

  4. Good for you, and it’s so great that your guy is on board with you. My family is not, which makes it challenging, although this time, at least, hubby is being supportive of my choices – even defending them to our teenage son by pointing out I that I’m making a choice. 🙂

    I’ll watch your progress with interest!

  5. I”m guessing it’s no fluke. Afterall, junk in; junk out….right? On that note, I think my body would go into shock. I considered today a huge coupe that I did NOT succumb to the jelly rolls or lemon cake at the market. They taunt me, you know….

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