Minimal Words Monday

This post is for the few people who have asked “What are you eating?”

I don’t want my blog to become a foodie-blog, but I do really appreciate that some of you have taken some interest and shown support in my recent change to a vegan diet.  Thank you guys!

Since I don’t have much to blog about today, let’s just call this Minimal Words Monday…


This is a typical scene in our kitchen on Sundays. We slice, dice, bake and boil a week’s worth of vegetables.


Edamame — A high protein soybean. I boil it, and then toss it in with whatever vegetables I’ve packed for lunch that day. Just a dash of salt, and it’s good.


Broccoli – I boil some ahead to throw in with my lunch throughout the week.


Acorn squash – just baked with some olive oil, salt and pepper.


yucca root – it’s like a french fry from Earth! Really good! John makes yucca root fries with them.


Butternut squash – really great to smash into a wrap, or on a sandwich. And the Angry Orchard apple cider is great too.


My favorite fungus.


Tempeh and cucumber.




9 thoughts on “Minimal Words Monday

  1. looks delish…..we love some veggies around here and mix up the same stuff you posted daily. We do have 2 meat free days/wk, but man…I do not know how y’all go without every day…I need my red meat fix every 3 days or I get CRANKY!! I’m very cranky today and it’s filet night!! Thank Goodness!! along with some grilled mushrooms/onions..acorn squash, spinach/fresh rasberry rasberrry/pine nut salad and pineapple to stave off the inflammation from my steak! 🙂
    Is it time for dinner??

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