Vegan fail and Ironman Panic

You guys, I confess…

I’ve been consuming animal product on a daily basis this whole time.  Turns out, there’s shellfish in my glucosamine supplement.


I would have never thought to check the label on vitamins or supplements, but my neurotic husband did.  He throw a temper tantrum at Wal-greens upon making the discovery.  There he was, frantically checking the labels of every brand, people were looking, I pretended I didn’t know him.

All cooked ahead!But other than that, four weeks in, the vegan thing is going well.  I’m jacked up on carbs, my foods all taste like the best meal I’ve ever eaten, and we’re having fun with it.  I look forward to Sunday cook-ahead day when we pre-cook vegetables to our heart’s content.  All is lovely.

Other than annoying vegan updates, I need to get this off of my chest… Ironman is already stressing me out.  I’m not even training for it yet, but I’ve had a few episodes, if you will.  The weight of knowing how much I will be training this summer is beginning to feel heavy.  Every time I get stuck late at work my irrational inner monologue immediately goes to “How am I going to get a 2 hour bike ride in if I’m stuck at work late every night?  How am I going to keep myself properly fed and fueled when they force me to go to lunch at irregular hours?  How am I possibly going to be able to train at the volume I should train at with this job?  Damn it!! I’m always stuck late at work!!

The reason for being stuck at work late is because I’m a noob, their system makes it entirely too easy to mess something up, and, even if I don’t mess something up, someone else can and cause my drawer to be off balance.  Crazy.  It drives me crazy when I’m stuck late for reasons beyond my control.  Craaay-zie.

Don’t get me wrong, I still LOVE my “new” job, and I’m still EAGER to train for Ironman.  I just have moments of panic, and I’m going to assume that’s my human right, to feel.

Speaking of training, volume, two hour bike rides… I still need a training plan.  How long is an Ironman training plan?  Should I be training now?  Oooof, can I just taper my way to the starting line?  That’d be okay, since I’m jacked up on carbs and all.


21 thoughts on “Vegan fail and Ironman Panic

  1. Not having done an IM training before, I can only imagine the weight of the anticipation of beginning. However, as far as the “how am I going to fit XYZ in”….you will, once you have to 🙂

  2. IM training can seem daunting but if you focus on the key workouts you need to get in then you will be fine. One long bike, one longer run(which mine actually won’t get above 2.5hrs), one longer swim & then at least one other session in each discipline that focus on threshold or strength work. My two weekday bikes are an hour or less & have strength or interval sets. All my runs are short runs off the bike except the one weekly long run. The short runs have some threshold work or hill sprints in them. Swims are on alternate days from bike/runs. I don’t know for sure what a typical Ironman pre-structured plan is since I am working with a coach and get my training weekly. I think many plans are about 24 weeks? I hope work starts to get easier so you can get out of their sooner.

  3. I always find that looking at a training plan is very intimidating. But as you build up to it and take it one week at a time, it really seems more manageable. You will be fine! Nice job on staying vegan!!

  4. WOW, I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised. Its amazing what actually goes into supplements and processed foods in general. Don’t stress too much on the training plan and take it day by day. On a positive note I just noticed that Girlscout Thin Mint cookies are Vegan – just in case you need a little reward every now and then 🙂

  5. Just take it day by day…..One thing I have found, with my life, is that its easier to start way earlier and build slowly and allow for delays b/c they’re gonna happen….it’s inevitable. Soooo rather than get all wigged out, I’ve started the slow build for Nov’s 140.6…but I have the other races (Some sprints, Olys, 70.3, century ride) during the spring/summer to break things up and create “blocks” of training, if you will….
    You HAVE to be flexible….don’t create more stress for yourself….It’ll all be fine in the end! 🙂

    • Yup, I’ve got some training races planned out for along the way. I just get nervous about midweek rides.. I think I should be getting in a 30 mile ride during the week, no? I’ll do what I can!

  6. I hope the work stuff gets better as you get more familiar with it. I think part of training if the mental crap, so if you are already worrying, you are already training. 🙂

    • True. haha. The fun part about my job is that we’re going through a system conversion this summer, so I have more of this to look forward to in June.

  7. So you’ve been a fake vegan this whole time?!?! Haha, just kidding! Probably wouldn’t have thought to check supplements either….but at least y’all figured it out sooner rather than later! You’ll get the training in though I’m sure sometimes it’ll be at a different time than you meant it to be, but you’ll get it done!

  8. Don’t feel too bad – I’m in the same boat. One of my supplements has gelatin in it! Not sure what I’m going to replace it with once they are all gone…

    As for training plans, good luck. I broke down and bought one of Joe Friel’s books, and we’re (loosely) following the plan in it. Will we be perfectly prepared? No – real life, jobs, kids, etc. will always impact us, but I’ll be happy if I can follow ~75% of the plan. 🙂

  9. Girl you just voiced my entire thought process when I find out I have to stay late at work too. it stresses me out…bad! Granted, I have got better at dealing with it than before, but I’ve still got room for improvement.

    I’m sure you’ll do great training for Ironman…I mean, c’mon, I remember when you finished your 1/2…you kicked ass!!!

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