From Scratch

For those who have recently started following because of my adventures in vegan eating, I thought I’d share with you some new recipes that I’ve attempted.  Let it be known first that I don’t do recipes.  If it has more than 8 ingredients and 5 steps, I don’t have any patience for that.  It’s a miracle that I got married with my lack of cooking skills.

Let’s start with COOKIES.  Who doesn’t love cookies?  It’s possible to make them without milk and eggs, and still be a delight.  John has reasonable fear that he’s going to become a fat vegan because of the cookies.

I found this recipe here, called Fudgy Chip Cookies. The recipe has a reasonable amount of ingredients and steps.  I wish you could lick the image below to taste them, because they’re incredible.  I used less sugar than the recipe called for, and used vanilla almond milk.  I also added a dollop of almond-butter.


The same afternoon that I made these cookies I pursued Google for baking ideas for my leftover sweet potato. Google knows exactly what to do with my sweet potato!  I made Sweet Potato Blondes.  Again, all simple ingredients that I already had in my cabinets, and simple instructions.  What I really liked about these are the potential they have for pre-workout fuel.  Maybe even something that I can chomp on during a long Ironman training bike ride.


Speaking of fueling for Ironman training, BANANA BREAD!!  Bananas by themself sometimes become intolerable to me, so I mashed ’em up and made my very first loaf of banana bread.  Mixing ingredients in a bowl and having them turn into something like a loaf of bread is a novelty to me.  Did you guys KNOW that this is what happens you follow a recipe?!!

(Banana bread recipe here: LINK, CLICK ME, WEEeeEeeEE!!)

And lastly, my very first pizza crust from scratch.  It’s a recipe I found on the blog Oh She Glows, an almond and buckwheat flour pizza crust.  I was a little hesitant to try anything with buckwheat in it after a failed buckwheat pancake attempt a few months ago, but this turned out really well.  It was filling, and held up stronger than a lot of boxed pizza crusts you get from the store.  And it was extremely simple!


On the pizza: black beans, green/yellow/red peppers, tomatoes, marinara sauce, vegan parmesan cheese.

The vegan adventure has been unexpected thrill.  I’m constantly trying new things, new recipes, new veggies.  A year ago I would have never attempted to make anything from scratch.  The sense of accomplishment after making something from scratch is worth every piece of patience I’ve given to this.


7 thoughts on “From Scratch

  1. i love that your choice to go vegan is working for you and that it’s opening new doors (ie: cooking) for you, too. awesome stuff. and that banana bread looks AMAZING!

  2. Good for you! We’re not a vegan household, but between my daughter’s egg allergy, one of my extra kid’s milk allergy, and most toddlers’ natural aversion to meat, I cook a lot of vegan food. I love Oh How She Glows for vegan food that doesn’t compromise on taste. You have to try her chocolate muffins with raspberry sauce! Just as an aside: I hate to cook, to the point that I didn’t cook at all for the first seven years my husband and I were together. He’s still in charge of supper. 🙂

  3. Lookin’ tasty. Some of the better cookies I’ve had are vegan. We have a place in Richmond that serves vegan cupcakes. Absolutely better than any store-bought cupcake with crappy ingredients.

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