There is Good in Change

Things are changing all around me. My job, my friendships, and daylight. It’s a lot to digest. While I want to fly off the handle and FIGHT all of the change, meh, I’m exhausted.

The change in my job is that I will now have a home branch of my own. It will be a place for me to grow, to advance, and finally be a part of a team. I should sound more excited about this, yes? There’s so much good about the change, yet I’m dwelling on two minor things about the change. Lucky for me I’m joining a perky team and they are all overly enthusiastic about it. It’ll be good. I’ll keep telling myself that.

Ebb. Flow. Ebb, flow.

Good morning!And DAYLIGHT. The time switcheroo really threw my body off, I slept in every day this week! The dark mornings sucked all of the desire out of me to even consider a morning run. But, isn’t it lovely to run in the evening with the sun still shimmering? It sure is nice to run on clear, iceless sidewalks too.

Apparently I CAN see the bright side.  I’ll let it all be. Sometimes when you let things be, they fall perfectly into place.

The changes WILL be good, because that’s what I’ve decided.


7 thoughts on “There is Good in Change

  1. Change is hard – period. Add a number of changes all occurring simultaeously? CRAZY! Sounds like you’re embracing your “inner glass half full” though, so good for you 🙂

  2. It’s great that you can take something that initially was bugging you and realize that you can adjust/handle it. I am right there with you on Daylight Savings. I wish it was still in April like it used to be.

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