Confidence has Sprung

Spring has not sprung, dammit.  Brrrr, it’s SO COLD OUTSIDE!!  But that’s okay, I’m letting it be, because really, what can I do?

What I can do is have fun.  On Sunday I had the most fun and enjoyable long run I’ve had since last summer.  First I ran 4 solo miles to the starting line of Madison’s Shamrock Shuffle where I met my friends Becca and Stacia.  We shuffled together through a 10k course filled with happy runners wearing green. After the race we ran another 6 miles, still wearing our bibs and green pigtails.


The entire run was filled with chatter, joy, and sunshine.  It was unlike a solo long run where I’m likely to hit a wall and bonk out.  Having good company really goes a long way, literally.

Not only was this a confidence booster for me, but for my friends too.  I got to be there and see when Becca and Stacia entered uncharted territory, their longest distance run yet!  Seeing that sense of accomplishment was the best part of the day.  It’s really neat to help “coach” friends to their goals.  They had questions that made me think back to when I was new to running, and realize how far I’ve come myself.  It took me out of my own shoes and for once feeeeel like a role model.

I can’t wait until the next time we tackle some double digit miles, you know, when spring actually springs!


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