My State of Running Right Now is ______

BIBSThere was a question during #RunChat that I should have stopped to think about for more than two seconds before I answered.  It was:

“Finish in one word. My state of running right now is ____”

I impulsively just typed “peachy” because right now, it really is just swell and dandy.  No weird nagging pains, no forcing myself to get out there, just running, because I like it.

After I typed “peachy” I saw someone answer “grateful”  THAT’S what I should have said, because darn it, I am grateful.  On Saturday I got to enjoy the company of Becca and Stacia again for an 11 mile long run.  It was f’ing fabulous out there.  Perfect 30 degrees, sunshine, no wind, good company, legs were great, etc.  Later on in the day when I was having a post-run beer with my spouse I said, “Man, what a great day.  An effortless 11 mile run, my legs feel great, I feel like I could do it again tomorrow.  I love it”  I SAID that.  Those words came out of my mouth.


I think as runners we sometimes get caught up in goals, races, paces, splits….We forget to stop and be happy about what we’ve trained our legs to do.  Being able to run at all really is something to appreciate.  The last time I was feeling grumpy about “having” to do my miles on the treadmill because I didn’t feel like dealing with 18 mph wind I reminded myself, “in winter of 2010 when you had runner’s knee you would be THRILLED to run on a treadmill.  Shut up and LIKE IT”

I’m happy that I participated in #RunChat.  It was an unexpected reminder to be grateful for my legs and the joy of running.


9 thoughts on “My State of Running Right Now is ______

  1. This is fantastic! I know I take for granted my ability to run, and often remind myself of the times I have been injured and how much I longed to be able to have pain free miles. I’m glad things are going so well with your running right now!

  2. This reminds me of something that happened over the weekend. I currently can’t run due to injury. Hoping on Friday I get the go ahead to start running again…or at least soon. But, since I can’t run, I walked a 5k I registered for. Someone else was out getting their 15 mile run in. Damn…I would LOVE to be able to go out for a long run. It has taken me a while, & sometimes I still struggle, but I need to appreciate running more & be grateful for it.

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