Tuesday evening I was putting myself together to go to my first ever yoga class, and, BAM, I saw it.  I saw my gut poking through my shirt.  Ewww, gross, yuck, cry, wimper, wah, boo, ugh.

After crying about it for a minute, I immediately went to Google and typed:


Okay, first, “went vegan and got pregnant” ?!! WHAT kind of veggies are those people eating?  I will be sure to avoid those.  Or, maybe those people are confused and THINK they are pregnant because of the pouch their stomach developed from going vegan.  Maybe?

So I clicked away at links, looking for articles and answers, how could I have gained weight on a vegan diet?  I didn’t find much for articles, but I scrolled through a few forum conversations.  Seems like I’m not alone in this.  It’s fairly common to go vegan and grow a puffy stomach.  Vegetables help retain water, and cause bloating.  It’s a thing.

When I was through with my Google search I went to my first ever yoga class at the gym with my marshmallow stomach.  I stretched, I used my core, and it was lovely.  After the class, I slipped into my swimsuit for a quick swim.  Curiosity got to the better of me on my way to the pool, where I pass a scale.  I held my breath, and stepped onto the devil platform.  Numbers scrolled in every which way, but stopped on a not-so-bad number. 

I actually hadn’t gained any weight since the last time I checked.  Whew!  Maybe I can relax now, except for trying to get my core into shape.  Are there any vegans out there lurking, reading, judging, pointing and laughing?  Does anyone have any suggestions for whipping my core into shape? 

For now, I will be planking until I vomit.


13 thoughts on “Puffy

  1. Are you eating canned beans or soaking dried beans? Soaking your own beans helps to release gas from the beans. Also cooking with ginger and Kombu helps and starting your day off with a cup of hot water with ginger will get things moving.

    As far as getting the core in shape, it depends on your intentions. Soft supple bellies digest food better and allows the diaphragm to move easier for breathing. The transverse abdominal muscles are the ones you want to strengthen. Laying on your back while lower your legs together or one at a time is a good exercise. But you want to be sure in any core working exercise that you are only working CORE muscles. A lot of time we compensate with our hip flexers. Be sure that you keep them relaxed.

    That’s my two cents as a yoga teacher and vegetarian.

    • I’ve been doing dry beans, dry lentils.. Avoiding canned veggies. Thanks a lot for your advice. I do the floor leg lift thingie, apparently not enough! 🙂

    • When I started it, it wasn’t meant to be a “diet”, like omg-i-will-lose-weight diet. When I use the word diet, I mean “how i eat”. But seemingly gaining weight is not what I expected from this. Yick.

  2. I can’t give any insight on going vegan and gaining weight. But whenever I feel like I’ve lost a few lbs, I actually gain weight. And vice versa. It’s incredibly frustrating! But at least you have haven’t really gained any!

  3. You asked for input so here’s my two cents :)…All I can say is you are not alone!!!! And I feel your pain 🙂 When I tried eating vegetarian/mainly vegan for a number of months, the one thing I really noticed was how I lost all muscle definition and seemed puffier, which I am guessing was loss of muscle and increase in fat?! Muscle weighs a lot more than fat per sq inch or whatever so I think even though the scale only changed a few pounds for me, it was more the loss of muscle that made me feel bad (and I was eating all the veg protein I could, protein powders, lentils, etc.). I was also ravenously starving ALLTHETIME and nothing would satisfy me… so I “experimented” with eating meat again just to see… and never could go back. Maybe if I would have hung in there as vegan I would have gotten used to it? Who knows. It’s such a hard thing to figure out what works best for each person but do what feels right for you, without worrying about diet labels, what other people think, tv shows say, etc. I truly believe there are some people who thrive on vegan diets and others who thrive on meat eating diets (but probably no one who thrives on the McDonald’s diet ;)) so it’s just a matter of weighing (pun intended) the pros and the cons and finding something you can thrive on. Good luck!

    • Thanks, your input makes a lot of sense. I haven’t thrown in the towel yet, I’m going to make a few adjustments and see if that helps any. Plus, PLANKS. Ugh.

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