It is, but it isn’t.

On Saturday morning I was eager to run my first half marathon of 2013. For an off-the-grid, small town race it was meaningful to line up with runners with Boston in our hearts. Lots of blue and yellow, home-made Boston race bibs, Boston apparel, etc, etc. The support was beautiful.

Since I’m in taper mode for Wisconsin Marathon on 5/4, I wasn’t there to race. My plan was to run for Boston, at a tempo pace, and hopefully break 2 hours without destroying my legs 2 weeks before a marathon.

a26d0f73-e5c7-4ef7-9faa-ba89c45dde9eThe end result was a PR, kinda, sorta. It is, but it isn’t. But it is. I can argue with myself all day about this. The race course ended up being short, confirmed by several Garmin users, and the race website the next day. So it wasn’t the fastest 13.1 miles I’ve ever run.

On the other hand, when I reached mile 10 and did some math, I summed up that I could run a 10 minute mile for the remainder of the race and still break 2 hours. ย So I slowed down, because I could, and TAPER. At mile 12 I saw that I had 15 minutes to get to the finish to break 2, so, meh, I took my time! I enjoyed the course!

My actual 13.1 PR from last August 2012 was at an even 9 minute mile pace. My actual pace on Saturday for 12.76 miles was 9:03. I know, without a doubt that had the course been accurate I would have still smashed my PR.

So I did, but I didn’t.

But who cares? No one! I don’t. I was just happy to be out there enjoying the day with the strong community of runners.


10 thoughts on “It is, but it isn’t.

  1. PR, kinda sorta, or not, that is still a really good run to have under your belt for your upcoming marathon! Glad you had a great race with no real pressure to do anything but have fun – those are the best ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Congrats! Here’s something I am working on when thinking about “PRs”– really what matters is if YOU think it’s a PR. You aren’t submitting a running resume to an employer that requires you to be 100% technically accurate. What matters is that if you think it’s your best performance at that distance, then it is. I’ve had courses that are long where I didn’t officially PR, but my overall pace was faster– for a longer course! I totally consider it a PR. So, really this is a PR for you. This comment is getting long, but something my husband always brings up is that most courses are slightly long because we can’t run the tangents perfectly– or just because they are long. And so we don’t subtract time from our result. We accept the result as is. So if we get a shorter course, we shouldn’t add time. We should likewise accept the result for what it is.

  3. There are race PRs and then there are pace PRs. Eff the course being short – your pace PR was better than your half PR for something a quarter mile short. Congrats!

  4. Congratulations on your non-PR!!! I agree w/ others – great attitude ๐Ÿ™‚ Afterall, it’s not always about the pace/time.

    Happy taper and wishing you wind at your back @ Wisconsin!!!

  5. Congrats on your half marathon. When assessing whether a performance is a PR I usually to consider the weather as well as the distance. A good result after an exceptional effort on a bad day can be worth more than a faster result on a good weather day.

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