I’ll Start Tomorrow …

After the marathon I had all intentions of really, really starting my Ironman training. I looked at my training plan today, and EEeeeepp!! I’m on week 4 of a 20 week training plan. Simple math tells me I’ve got 16 weeks to train for this.



I started this week off with some sort of cold-bug-cough-hack-sleep-all-day-virus thingie. So instead of spending time in the saddle I’ve been sprawled out on the sofa sleeping the sunshine away. It’s nice out, and I’m stuck inside dreaming of training.

On the bright side, I got sick after the marathon, during my take-it-easy recovery period that I accounted for on my training plan. The timing of the bug was acceptable.

And, I suppose soon enough, the further I get into training I’ll wish I had an excuse to sprawl out on the sofa instead of riding my bike. 

IMRAC9iccIt’s going to be a lot of work, a lot of time outside, a lot of exhaustion, chafing, sunburn, aches, and fooooooooood…So much post long run/ride food. I can’t wait!

Training starts today, er, tomorrow, er… When this cough goes away! Seriously, I’ll train..eventually. I mean, how else will I earn this pie?


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