Rides Well with Others

I sucked it up and stuffed all of the bike things into a bag, and racked my bike onto my car before heading to work yesterday. I thought it would be stressful and tedious! It wasn’t. I am capable of acting as a responsible adult and can haul my things around town.

After work I joined a group ride.  A GROUP RIDE!! These things always make me nervous. Groups, strangers, what if I get lost? What if they go too fast? What if I get a flat tire? Will someone HALP me?

All these worries vanished  as soon as we were riding. In a group of about 30 people, we started off crawling at a slow 12 mph, which concerns me. My goal is to get better at biking and have 16 mph be my comfortable speed. Riding at 12 mph probably isn’t going to get me there. Instead of worrying about it I just enjoyed the camaraderie,  the beautiful day, and the cows–actual moo-cows, this is Wisconsin!

Five miles in, the group thinned out, and I was able to pick up my speed, riding at that 16 mph. Ahhh, this is NICE!! Beautiful Wisconsin country side, farms, puffy clouds, manure smell, mmmm, this is the life. I very much enjoyed that ride. It’s odd, I’m beginning to actually like biking!

Attending a group ride wasn’t so tedious or terrifying after all.  What was terrifying was seeing 34 mph on my bike computer going down a mountain-like hill. Terrifying, yet exhilarating and I will be back for more of that!


4 thoughts on “Rides Well with Others

  1. Good for you! Trying new things!!! No doubt you’ll meet new peeps and make dates for rides outside this scheduled group ride. Just like running, some rides are easy and some you need to push. Progress comes in time…you’ll get where you want to be…you always do!! Just enjoy the “ride”!! 🙂

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