Cooney Duathlon

On Saturday morning John and I woke up to a beautiful sunrise on our way to Oconomowoc, WI for a duathlon. We got our sugar buzz on with breakfast Skittles and RedBulls, all was fun and games until I got pulled over for speeding.

Whoosp!! Kids, this is why a healthy breakfast is important! I was very lucky and let go with a warning.


At the race site, I had my usual WHAT-AM-I-GOING-TO-WEAR panic 20 minutes before the race start. It was 45 degrees out and partly cloudy. I tried on a few different layering options, rode down the street, panicked, paced, tried on some more layers, and just settled on 2 long sleeves knowing that it would be hot during the run and hopefully okay for the bike.

For the first 2 mile run, I got passed a lot. “wtf? I wonder how slow I’m running? I feel like I’m pushing my pace. Am I this out of shape? Is there ANYONE behind me?” I wasn’t wearing my Garmin to know. So I just ran as comfortably fast as I could, which ended up being 16:05, 8:02 pace. Whew!

My transition 1 time was 1:16. It took me over a minute to change my shoes and put a bike helmet on, and possibly stop for ice-cream, because really, how did it take me so long? I wonder if my transition area was just further away from the Bike-Out area than it was to the Run-Out area, seeing as T2 took less time. Some day I will be coordinated enough to have my shoes already clipped onto the bike and be able to slip right into them on the bike. That will be a cool day.

DU2Onward to the bike portion of the race. This is the flattest bike course I have ever ridden. It doesn’t get any more flat than this. And having the wind at a gentle 6 mph at the start was great. I was able to keep my speed 17-20 mph for the first 16 miles of the ride.  At mile 16 we turned onto a rough road, the wind picked up, and my energy stores seemed to be non-existent. I kind of bonked a little there, slowed to 15 mph. I snacked on some ShotBloks for a few miles but never got my momentum back. Bike time was 1:11:37, 17.3 mph. This is good for me, but I do want to improve more on the bike.

DU3Transition 2 took only 54 seconds, WAHOO!! Less than a minute! And then onto the wobbly feeling second 2 mile run. I love running off of the bike, mostly because it’s funny to listen to people around me “OOOof! My legs feel like rubber! I need to do more bricks!” This time I was passing people, and cruising along comfortably.  As I passed one guy he said “Hey speedy, don’t get pulled over” it took me a few steps to register what he said and then LOL, I laughed. That was funny. My second run was 16:34, an 8:16 pace. Not bad!

I did this race to see where I’m at with my biking progress. Since I did this race 2 years ago I improved my bike time by 8 minutes. Though I’m happy with that, there’s definitely room for more improvement. Good thing I have a full summer of biking to look forward to!

Oh, and if you’re wondering, John did awesome out there!

Run 1 13:22 (6:41 pace) –  Bike  1:05:26  (19 mph)    Run 2  14:43  (7:21 pace)

He on a whim, registered race morning. After finishing he ran back to the course to root me on. He’s such a cool husband!


7 thoughts on “Cooney Duathlon

  1. I’m the girl that says “gah, need more bricks” and I haven’t even done a duathlon. Just going from a hard mountain bike ride to walking makes me whiney!

    Great job on the race – you’re getting faster and clearly know how to do your bricks! How far was the bike?

  2. Awesome job!! I’ve only ever run, so am always so amazed at the multisport people I “meet” here in blog land. And I have one of those great husbands too…aren’t they the best!!!

  3. Love that your husband did it with you at the last minute. Love that sunrise. Thinking I could do a dual someday …. maybe I should come to Oconomowoc — as long as you don’t make me pronounce it first!

  4. I’ve come to realize the rubber legs running off the bike is from pushing too hard on the bike…not that you have much choice in a sprint/duathlon scenario. Once you start running, off the bike, after doing longer rides at half-ironman/ironman paces you won’t have that sensation….And will prob run even faster…Heaven help all us slow poke runners out there! 🙂

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