Monday, Monday

Know what’s worse than Monday morning? Stairs. They are awful. My legs want nothing to do with regularly scheduled Monday things.

On Saturday I ran my second Rock ‘n Sole half marathon. I planned on running easy with my friends Becca and Stacia, but I was cowardly hiding under an awning from the rain. Hiding didn’t allow me enough time to find my friends in the corrals. Getting into the corrals was chaotic with the extra security the race officials were taking. The race started a few minutes late because there were so many people stuck in a line to get into the corrals.  Messy, but, thankful for the security measures really.

My race was just training miles for me. At this point in time I’m just working on rebuilding my long run base, and 13.1 felt hard! I’m a tad disappointed that my running has slipped since I started Ironman training with more focus on the bike, but I really need to factor in that:

  • I did an Olympic distance triathlon 6 days before the race
  • This was just training miles! Can’t race ’em all!
  • My longest run was 10 miles two weeks before the race
  • I haven’t had much time to acclimate to the heat/humidity. It felt humid on the course.
  • I do these because it keeps training fun!

So the race didn’t leave me feeling confident for Ironman 70.3 Racine coming up in just 5 weeks, but, it did leave me motivated to get my butt to the track and do some intervals.


Becca coming up the first of the three bitches

The following morning I was up bright and early for a 40 mile Ironman loop on the bike with Becca. It was my first time leading the way, and knowing the way! I’m finally feeling like the loop isn’t a huge ordeal Now I just have 11 weeks for two loops to not feel like an ordeal! Not that I’m saying the loop is easy, because it’s still tough. On the last major hill, (locally referred to as the Three Bitches), I thought I would throw up my pounding heart.

Instead of vomiting I thought about how cool it is that Becca and I were riding the Ironman loop together. When we were 13 year olds, we rode our Huffy mountain bikes back and forth between Wausau and Rib Mountain daily. I never would have imagined that 18 years later we would both be athletes, conquering things like the Ironman loop! Friendships and growth are very cool things.

After all those miles on Saturday and Sunday I’m sore and cringe at every step I take down a stairway, but the one thing my legs can agree with on this Monday morning is that it’s rest day.


7 thoughts on “Monday, Monday

  1. Good god, girl…you’re a machine! Don’t get discouraged with the running. Your muscles are prob just adjusting to the different workouts since you’ve been a runner for so long.

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