Bumps in the Road

One of my biggest fears with riding my bike is being stranded in the middle of nowhere with dive-bombing Red Winged Black birds. Like, seriously, not jokingly, terrified of those f’ing birds.

On Sunday I lived that nightmare when my chain slipped. When I stopped to get off of my bike I noticed three of those birds hanging out on a telephone line on the other side of the road. I remained calm for all of 20 seconds. I was shaking with terror afraid that the birds would start attacking me, I couldn’t grip my chain to put back into place. As I was fumbling with the chain the chirps from those birds became amplified by 10,000 more decibels, I swear.

I called John, just hearing a human voice calmed me. The birds never came near me. I got my chain back on, but had to turn around and head back to my car because I was with a 100k charity ride & didn’t know the course.

After that failure, I headed to Verona to do an Ironman loop. John came with because he knew how much the bird situation shook me, and, he’s just a damn nice guy. Not even 3 miles into the ride, my chain slipped again. Goddammit. Put it back on, ride a few miles, chain slips again. In total, the chain slipped four times. To add to the chain slip frustration, the wind was blowing at an unforgiving 18 mph, and then it started to rain.

Long distance training on the bike has so far been the most frustrating and difficult thing I’ve ever trained for, yet I week after week I keep going back out there to get my ass handed to me. Why?

Because I want to get there



12 thoughts on “Bumps in the Road

  1. I had a pretty “bumpy” 40 mile ride on Saturday. First time clipping in, garmin strap broke right before starting, 15-20 mph headwinds for first half, almost getting taken out by a construction truck, it was rough. I think I cried 3 times throughout the ride it was just brutal. The heat didn’t make it any better so I totally understand your frustration. I’m glad I pushed through like you, I know it will make me stronger. BUT damnit I just want a good ride!

  2. heh! BIRDS! My husband almost wrecks his bike all the time b/c he’s watching for birds too, just a different kind!! The ones over the Gulf…apparently it signifies good fishing….
    Had my 1st wreck of the season this past week…leg was/is all knarly, but the smashed rear derailer is what sent me into a tailspin!! Left me with 2-3 gear choices on 60mi ride that could be described as bit more than blustery….These things are great though, b/c after the shit I’ve seen happen at races….it’s nice to know we can get back up and keep going with whatever we have to work with…
    Plan B…C….D,E, and then sometimes F
    Good Times for sure! 🙂

  3. Have you gotten the chain issue figured out? I think your bike either needs a tune-up or it may be time for a new chain. It shouldn’t be coming off so frequently. On the training side of things, just keep fighting!

    • I brought my bike to the place where I bought it, (*cough*MACHINERY ROW*cough*) and they said I don’t need a tune up. They also said it would take 10 days if I did leave it there.
      Found a wonderful bike mechanic that has me up & running already 🙂

  4. I’m new to your blog and am loving it. I had similar chain issues a few weeks ago. Took it into the shop and they fixed it. They adjusted the derailer limits and everything’s been good since. Worth checking out.

  5. Perseverance!!! That is such an important quality to have. Glad to hear you have those chain issues resolved. That sounds scary and frustrating about the bird incident.

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