Racine bound

All of my limbs feel like they’re about to self destruct, there’s noticeable weight gain, I’m HANGRY, I’m panicky, I almost got my leg bitten by a dog, …Yup, it’s race week.

This coming Sunday I’ll sport a lime-green swim cap and dive frantically into Lake Michigan to start IM70.3 Racine, I hope. Naturally since it’s race week my limbs are achy and hurty. I’ll have diagnosed myself with a dozen different injuries by the end of the week.

Through all the panic and worry about actually getting there and being physically capable of finishing, I am excited for the race. It’s my second half ironman distance race! It’s Racine! I know the course, I’ve been training hard, I hope to PR, even if it’s only by a minute. I want to see that I’ve made progress with my swimming, biking, and death marching 13.1 since July 2012.

I also want to relive that moment of getting off of my bike after 56 miles and see if I repeat what I said last year, “My butt could never handle 112 miles! I’ll never do an Ironman!”

Whatever happens, I know I’ll be happy to finish.


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