Are you getting the taper crazies yet?

I woke up this morning with itchy, inflamed toes, a sore quad, a sore piriformis, and a sore throat. HELLO taper!! People keep asking me, “Are you getting the taper crazies yet?”

Last week I could honestly say no.

UntitledOn Saturday morning I was cranky. Cranky because there was still so many miles on my agenda. My plan had a 60 mile bike ride, a 4000 yard swim, and a 12 mile run on it for the weekend. I miss the luxurious days of the marathon taper. Run 12, eat nachos, drink beer, sit on sofa, done.

I got my 2.4 mile swim done on Saturday morning, and the only reason I got it done is because you can’t just call it a day when you’re in the middle of the lake. You have to swim back to shore, or drown. I choose life. By the time I got back to Madison after my swim it was noon, and I calculated that by the time I finish riding 60 miles it would be 4:00.

POOF!! There goes Saturday.

UntitledSunday morning I slept in, woke up, read the hourly forecast, screamed f-bombs at, regretted sleeping in, but got myself together to start running by 9:00 am.  It was 86 degrees, and my legs felt like lead. They’re still tired from peak week. I feel more beat up from peak week than I did coming out of Ironman 70.3 Racine.  I was tempted to stop at 6 miles, 8 miles, but reasoned that 10 being double digits was a good place to stop.  I don’t doubt that I could have pushed on and finished the full 12, but it’s not worth it at this point. I need my legs rested and ready for race day.

So taper-crazy? No. Tired and cranky? Yes.

Don’t worry though, there’s 13 more days for crazy to come.


7 thoughts on “Are you getting the taper crazies yet?

  1. Trust that you’re body will be ready….you don’t want to be “flat” either….there is a fine, fine line. Enjoy the reduction in volume…eat plenty, sleep lots, and try to rest your mind as well! You got some work to do! Can’t wait to watch, you’re gonna be more than fine out there! 🙂

    • i’m on a mission to find that fine line too.. I know that in my past marathon tapers I did too little, and felt off on race day. The article that you linked me to gave me some enlightenment on it though!

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