A Dozen Days after Ironman

It hardly feels like Ironman was only last weekend, just a dozen days ago. All aches and soreness subsided quickly, along with my post-race excitement. At work, my coworkers will say “This is Steena, she did the Ironman” when they introduce me to people. It’s now an identity, but it really feels faded.

A dozen days later, I have my memoribilia; the Ironman pint glass for my rum and coke, the shot glass, a coffee cup, bumper stickers, some t-shirts, the backpack…They’re things that keep me reminiscing about the race. There are some parts of the race that I didn’t include on my race recap so it wouldn’t get too long, but they’re things that make me happy. And I’m going to share them now.

  • The weather…If you have been following this blog for some time, you know that I have the worst race day weather luck ever. I won the race day weather lottery for this one. Saturday before the race it was 80 degrees, humid and sunny. Sunday, race day, was 75 and overcast. Monday was 90 degrees, humid and sunny. This makes me giggle and holler HAAAAA at all my past bad weather races. Thank you Mother Nature!


  • On the bike I brought sea salt potato chips in a ziplock bag to eat. It’s quite difficult to eat potato chips on the bike, my method was to shove the ziplock bag onto my face and smash chips into my mouth. I was giggling inside because John always makes fun of me when I eat because I’m a messy eater. I thought to myself, “I bet John would be so amused by this!” And lo and behold a few miles later he ended up catching me cramming a bagel into my mouth!
  • GI distress, I had none. NONE!! Do you realize how much of a success that is? I consider this as big of a success as completing the darn thing.
  • My bike cooperated No flats, no chain slips, no chain breaks, gears shifted, everything worked on my bike. I’m crazy thankful for that.
  • My first mile run split was 9:33.
  • When the sun goes down, it gets seriously dark. I didn’t know how dark it was going to be, but packed my Knuckle Lights in my special needs bag.  It was so dark on the lakefront path that I couldn’t see my own feet without the Knuckle Lights. As I passed people on that path, I overheard a guy say, “Wish I could keep up with her with those lights!”
  • My mile 16 photo:

Sure, it’s a dozen days later, but I can’t stop thinking about all the great that happened that day. It blows me away what a perfect day it was. I’m sad the day came and went so quickly, but I have all these great memories.

I’ll wrap this up with the natural post-race question “what’s next?”

An M-dot tattoo is next.


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