Dogtoberfest 5k

Sunday morning I woke up and did a ritual scroll through Twitter, you know, to check and make sure I didn’t make any inappropriate rum-tweets on Saturday night? I saw my friend Clare tweet something about Dogtoberfest 5k.

What? Where? When? Now? JOHN!! GET UP!! THERE’S A 5K FOR DOGS! LET’S GO!!

So we scrambled to put ourselves together and hurry over to Capital Brewery in Middleton where this 5k was being held. Neither of us were certain that our bodies would cooperate after a few rum and Diet Cokes on Saturday night, but DOGS!! WeeEEeee!!

We got there, registered, and laughed at all the goofy dogs waltzing around before race start. I “squee’d” so many times at all the lovable four-legged friends! It was well worth the $35 to be surrounded and entertained by all those dogs!

This is what the race start looked like:

Too fun! My dog Dexter LOVED it! He was so excited at the start he took off like a bat out of hell, like 8 minute miles fast! He literally dragged me up a hill, I was breathing so hard my lungs hurt trying to keep up with Dexter’s excited pace. And then, just like his human-dad, he had to stop and poop a mile into it. Ha!

After Dexter’s poop break we slowed way down. There was a nasty quarter mile long hill on this course, I walked it! After what felt like the longest and hardest 3 miles in the history of my life, we finished Dexter’s first 5k!

After the 5k Dexter competed in a tail-wagging contest and a hot dog eating contest. I really thought he had the hot dog eating contest in the bag, but nope! He was the last to finish! Oh well, he’s a winner in my house!


11 thoughts on “Dogtoberfest 5k

  1. Hi! I’m a lurker! The pug with a jockey in this photo is my dog Lucie 🙂 We had a ton of fun at Dogtoberfest, glad to hear you did too.

  2. Dexter is a natural! I KNOW he can swim….now youneed to teach him to ride a bike and then he too can be an Ironman….err IronDog!! I’m so sad our Dogtoberfest is the Sat of IMFL…which technically is in NOV!! WTH??? My 2 are secretly very glad to be spending the weekend at the “doggie spa” in lieu of racing…traders!!
    Yeah for Dexter! He’s an animal!! 🙂

  3. Ahh, I saw this over the weekend and was wondering what it was about! My boyfriends parents live off Voss Pkwy and we saw all these people running with dogs but I hadn’t heard anything about it! So fun.

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