October, Haunted Hustle, and Running in a tu-tu

CaptureHH6I finally get to cross “Run a race in a tu-tu” off of my bucket list. I got in the spirit of Halloween and completed half marathon #13 at the Haunted Hustle.

Going into the race, I thought I should be able to swing a finish somewhere between 2:05-2:10. Most of October was full of slow, frustrating runs. After 5 miles my legs would just feel like garbage. I chalked it up to “still in Ironman recovery”  About 10 days before the race I noticed that my running was finally starting to improve, which means back in the 9s for me. The Saturday before the race John and I did a hilly 9.5 mile run at a 9:20 pace. Surely, I could swing that for 13.1?

Nope, 2:12. Which isn’t awful, but I thought I could do better. Darn it. Shucks.

Of course I have some hypotheses as to what happened

  • After 5 miles I lost my mojo, maybe I’m STILL in Ironman Recovery?
  • I might still have Ironman run-mentality. “Better walk and conserve some energy”
  • I started out too fast, first four splits: 8:50, 9:16, 9:13, 9:30.
  • After mile 4 I got stuck behind a group of runners that I couldn’t get around on the narrow path. They were going at a 10 minute mile. Once I finally got around them I never got my pace back down in the 9s.
  • I didn’t know the course at all. I knew it was hilly, but I didn’t know when or where the hills would be coming from. I think I’m mentally better when I know the course.
  • I over-dressed, I was warm.

So that’s what I think. I don’t know. I’ll never know. Running is constantly an experiment.

I get to do this experiment all over again on Saturday at the Tyranena Beer run. Earlier in October I was not looking forward to it. When I saw my pace improving I got excited about it again. And now after the Haunted Hustle I’m uncertain.

But there will be beer, cake, friends, a race medal, and good times. Whether I run a 10 minute mile or a 9 minute mile, I’m happy I can participate in these things. Running is fun!



9 thoughts on “October, Haunted Hustle, and Running in a tu-tu

  1. Sounds like your 1/2 marathon this last weekend & my 1/2 marathon on 10/19 were identical. We had about the same finish time. At least you have a good excuse of recovering from an Ironman. I don’t. Lol.

  2. I hear ya sister. I’ve been frustrated with times a lot lately too. I think you just get in a groove of “conserving energy” and taking it at a slow pace to do so. Your body is used to running slower in those long miles. But hey, you’ll get your speed back the more and more short runs you do!

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