2013 Instagrammed

2013 went a little like this…


I started the year off dabbling in vegan eating. It was exciting. I learned a ton of new recipes. I dared myself to try something new.


February I froze my butt off and ran the Seroogy’s Valentine 15k for the second year in a row. It’s February, it’s cold, and I had icicle eyelashes. I loved everything about it.


In March I helped my friend Becca through the longest runs of her life as she was training for her first marathon. Watching a friend grow as a runner is a great, great feeling.


In April my favorite bunch of friends came to visit and we all ran the Crazy Legs Classic 8k. It’s the only time of year I can seem to get this bunch of friends together, I look forward to it every year.


In May I kept calm and ran a cheesy marathon. Best of all was watching my friend Becca finish her first marathon the biggest smile on her face. Very proud of her!


In June I got to proudly state that I’m married to a triathlete. John did his first triathlon. Not only did he finish, but he did the most gracious thing a triathlete can do. He stopped to help me fix a flat. He is the absolute kindest human being I know, there is no doubt about it. Also, mark this as the first time I saw the sag wagon.


In July I got into the meat of my training for Ironman. I savored a lot of beautiful Wisconsin landscapes.

By August I was really sick of buying $15 a week in fuel for long bike rides and runs, but I did appreciate the beauty of all the training.


In September all that hard work paid off. I became an Ironman.


After becoming an Ironman I didn’t know what to do with all of my newfound free time in October. Having free time led to adopting my puppy Ziggy.


In November I was still a bit restless, so I ran my eighth marathon.


And I’m wrapping up the year with lots of time in the winter wonderland of Wisconsin. Every free chance I get I’m gliding away on my cross country skis.

It’s been an incredible year. I plan to have just as much fun in 2014. Happy New Year!


6 thoughts on “2013 Instagrammed

  1. Sounds like you had a great year. For something different you might want to try trail running and ultramarathons. Try a 50k or 50 mile race. The trail running community is the friendliest one around.

    • Thanks. I do enjoy trails, but I don’t enjoy having to drive somewhere to get to a trail to run on. I much prefer to run right from my doorstep. Plus, I’m doing Ironman again in 2014. Maybe 2015 will be the year of 50ks 🙂

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