Warm and Happy

In mid December I made reservations to a cross country ski retreat up north. When I made my reservations the Madison area didn’t have much snow to play in. I figured I’d just drive north until I found snow! As soon as the credit card was swiped I thought, “I bet because I made these reservations it’s going to be -10”

I was right.

The 10 day forecast showed temps below zero. At first I pissed and moaned and groaned. Whyyyyyyy. But my better half tends to be reasonable and took us cold-weather gear shopping. We would be equipped to have a good time, frigid cold weather be damned.


The place we stayed at is called Palmquist Farms. They have several cabins, 32 km of groomed cross country ski trails, dogs are allowed, a sledding hill, and they serve three home cooked meals a day. It was a winter heaven!

The days we spent there went like this:

Wake up, go sledding, go to breakfast, go cross country skiing until lunch, go to lunch, get back on the cross country ski trails, sip peppermint patties from a thermos, continue to ski, enjoy the beauty of it all, come back to cabin to thaw out in front of a fireplace, go sledding,  go snow-shoeing, go to dinner, save room for dessert, and then snuggle by the fireplace.







It might have been cold, but I never felt it…if anything I had to shed layers. Great times kept me warm and happy.

There’s not a whole lot other to say about it, except that I can’t wait to go again!


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