The beginning of a new year is always exciting, we collectively shout “this is going to be the year!”  Lots of new year’s resolutions, goals, races to look forward to, new habits, new attitudes, new, new, new…

I’m going to call mine intentions. This year I intend to…

Get back to plant based eating. It wasn’t that hard when I started last year, and so far this year it’s been going just as smoothly. I’m being flexible, not giving myself that vegan label. So what if I have a slice of cheese on my veggie wrap? So what if I have an egg salad sandwich? This year as I’m transitioning back to it I’m not going cold tofurkey either. I still have some regular butter, cheese, and eggs left over in my fridge. I’ll continue to eat those things until they run out.

ztriAs for race agenda, I’m registered for Ironman Wisconsin again. Sometimes I think about that and sigh goddammit, why? But I know once spring comes I’ll be eager to get back to training. For me the training is a lifestyle, not a chore. I very much enjoy the long rides, runs and swallowing lake water.

Speaking of race agenda, I’m trying a couple of new-to-me races. It’s a bit frightening for me to try a new race. I like to know the course I’m on. Hopefully racing out of my comfort zone will make me stronger and all that cliche’ crap. The new-to-me races are High Cliff Triathlon 70.3 and Door County Triathlon 70.3

As for race goals? None. Just continue to enjoy doing them.

UntitledWhat else, what else. Oh, I live 2 miles from where I work. There’s not much room for excuse not to ride my bike to work more often. I did a few times last year but then adopted my puppy Ziggy. When I adopted him I had to drive home every day on my lunch break to let him out, and I only have a 45 minute lunch break. The bike rides to work obviously ceased. This spring though, I’m on it. Unless I’m too lazy to pack a change of clothes, shoes, and lunch. I have to look presentable at my job, so there’s that excuse I’m throwing out there.

So there it is, my 2014 intentions. There are other things, but not everything needs to be written out. The objective is really to continue to better myself everyday, whether it’s 2014 or any other year.


5 thoughts on “Intent

  1. excited to watch you go at it again, as you know I took an IM holiday this year to regroup…focus on getting some speed back before going at it again in 2015. Sometimes thinking of doing it then makes me groan…..I can only imagine if I had to do it this year!! You’ll have fun though…you always do!! enjoy! 🙂

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