Six Kind Replies

I think it’s safe to say we’ve all heard one of the Six Annoying Things People Say to Runners before. There’s a cute article floating around on the social medias about it, runners are all nodding in agreement to it. After I read the article I didn’t think twice before clicking “share” on FaceBook.

One of my friends commented on it with a challenge to bloggers:   Come up with 6 “wisest, kindest, compassionate” replies to have at the ready.

Challenge accepted.

Run Forest Run!  Thanks for the encouragement, though my name is Steena!

Really? You Don’t Look Like a Runner!  Runners come in all shapes, sizes and ages. Have you ever spectated a race? You’ll be inspired by the variety of people that do it. Maybe even you will become a runner!

You Ran 5 Miles? I get Tired just Driving 5 Miles! Maybe you should try to bike those 5 miles then! The fresh air on your face will get your adrenaline going!

You Ran a Race Last Weekend, eh? Did You Win? I did. I beat everyone who was sitting on their couch.

How Many Marathons Have You Run? Just to be clear, a marathon is 26.2 miles. Not every runner has the desire to run a marathon and they tackle other distance races.

You’re Almost There! Want to join me for the rest? I am almost there, come on!

My kind replies are cheesy and cliche’, but I would hope they make the person who said those annoying things think outside of their assumptions for a second.

Can you think of anything wiser to respond to these?


7 thoughts on “Six Kind Replies

  1. I love your kind replies — and the fact that you wanted to come up with them! All I can think of is snarky replies. P.S. I don’t mind “you’re almost there” as long as it’s true. P.P.S. If there’s a mile to go, I am not “almost there!”

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