Rudest of Seasons

This winter has been the rudest of winters since I started running. Obscene negative temperatures, 20+ mph wind, sleet, ice, all the rude things winter has to offer has been given to us. I normally like winter, but this year I don’t think we can be friends.

Two weeks ago I was pumped to do my first long run for spring marathon training. I woke up to ice-covered streets. I whined about it until about 2:00 and thought I’d try one of the bike paths that Madison normally takes great care of. Nope. No go. I ended up doing nine miles indoors.

Last weekend basically the same thing happened. Feels like -13, whine about it until noon, give in and go to the gym. Run six on the treadmill, some around the track, some more on the treadmill, have a mental breakdown, finish up the last bit on the track.

I curse you Polar Vortex.

UntitledThis week I finally had the opportunity to run 12 miles outside, even though it was snowing horizontally. The wind was whipping snow into my face, I could hardly see through the whiteout conditions. I loved it. It was one of those uncomfortable runs that made me feel like a champ. Snow-brows and snow-lashes will do that to you.

It took me a few minutes longer to run those 12 miles in the snow and I savored every second of it. Sometimes you need to grin and bear it, get outside, get stronger.

Rude Wisconsin winters make running hard, but they also make us stronger.


5 thoughts on “Rudest of Seasons

  1. It has been the rudest of all winters indeed! Even all the way down here. And I keep thinking how summer will be equally assaulting! Mother Nature must be going through menopause! 😉 hang tough!

  2. I’m with ya…this weather sucks. I’m dyyyying for even 30-degree days! Good luck with training and just remember…it can only get better from here! And at least the days are longer.

  3. I haven’t had the opportunity to read blogs in awhile, so I am just now seeing the new format. Love it. You poor thing in Wisconsin– just a few more weeks of this nastiness, I hope!

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