Negative two and Happy

Just like any other Saturday, today I woke up grumbling about the weather and my long run. Negative two out there.

I QUIT!! I’m NOT doing this stupid marathon. Marathons are STUPID. It was cute the first eighth times, but NO MORE!! I’M DONE!! I QUIT!!

But I bundled up and went out anyway, because I am a marathoner, and that’s what I do. Get it done. As I was running the rolling hills of Lakeland Ave I took in the beauty of frozen Lake Monona. There were people out there ice-fishing, snow-shoe’ing, walking their dogs, cross country skiing… What a neat city I live in. People get out and do things.

Then I thought to myself Well why don’t I run out there? I run these streets all year long, why not take advantage of a frozen lake for a change of scenery?

So I did.


The ankle-deep snow was a lot tougher to run on, bringing me down to 11 minute miles. I didn’t care. It was so freeing to stop being angry at winter for a few moments and appreciate the little things that can make winter fun.

I even got to laugh at the fact that I was running the swim course of Ironman Wisconsin.



Snow-lashes and all, I had a happy long run.


5 thoughts on “Negative two and Happy

  1. Now you can tell people at the swim start of IMWI “I ran here.”

    I haven’t been doing much running bc this winter is getting me down. I just need to suck it up.

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