Struggles, Saved by the Doggies

For this weekend’s long run, I didn’t have the luxury of bitching about the weather until noon before going. I had a specific plan to run 12 miles before the Frosty Dog Jog at 10:00. With packet pick up ending at 9:45 I needed to leave the house by 7:30 AM to ensure I got there in time to get my packet and find my wonderful husband and dogs.

It all seems logical on paper. But it was riiiight about here where things fell apart.


Right here, 5.7 miles into it, is where I quit my 13 mile long run. To try and pinpoint exactly what was wrong would be useless. I just wasn’t feeling it, plain and simple. I gave in and called John, “Come get me”

Of course I felt bad, but for the first time I didn’t cry about it. Normally I cry. The lack of tears assured me that I made the right choice.

After my “failed” long run attempt, I was still psyched to go to the Frosty Dog Jog at the Winter Festival in Madison. So psyched that we did 2 loops of the 1 mile course. I love my dogs, they had fun, the proceeds went to the Humane Society. Win, win, win.

(Also, Ziggy made the news, he’s “very chatty”)

After we were done with the Frosty Dog Jog I told John I was good enough to run home, so that I could at least end up with double digits. I took my “chatty” pup with too since home is only a little over 2 miles back.

Ziggy was a champ. Just trotted happily to my snail’s pace. I took him into uncharted territory. His happiness rubbed off on me, the sun was out, I had my pup, things were great. When we got home my Garmin read 10.75 miles in total. Well, shit, I can’t throw in the towel when there’s just a little over 2 miles to go. Plus, if I had quit at 10.75 miles I’d have to rework the rest of my training plan. That’s silly. There was no reason to not finish my 13 miles. So I finished it.

Sure, I started my run at 7:30 am, and it had several breaks, and I quit, and then I didn’t quit, and it took until noon to get through all of it. But that’s fine. I’ve done eight marathons, and I’m an Ironman… and training is still hard. I’ll openly admit that; training is hard. But I never forget why I do it. I do it because I enjoy it.

I enjoy it, and its struggles.

Plus, seriously, my dogs, they love it, I’m sure of it..



4 thoughts on “Struggles, Saved by the Doggies

  1. I needed this post! I am training for my 4th half and cannot believe how challenging this training has been. So encouraging to see that even more seasoned runners are challenged with motivation too! thanks for showing that miles are miles no matter what form 🙂 Good luck on marathon #9!

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