Tri Play Day

One of my 2014 intentions is to do more things out of my comfort zone. I had a day full of being out of my comfort zone on Sunday when I attended the Tri Play Day to benefit the Cookie Project.

The day started with an hour swim at a beautiful high school pool. It was magnificent compared to the ugly shallow pool that I use on a regular basis at my gym. We split into two groups; one for technique and efficiency, and one for a tougher swim workout. I started with the technique group and found it incredibly beneficial. We did some drills to help perfect form and keeping the body streamlined when coming up for air. Most triathletes crank their neck out of the water to get air. It’s more efficient to rotate the entire body sideways. I swallowed a gallon of pool water, but I feel more aware of my form when coming up for air.


After the swim we headed to Pat’s Gym for some strength training. I strength train every week and consider myself fairly strong. Nope, turns out I’m not!  An hour of weighted lunges, wall squats, one legged squats off of a box, planks, ..I’m not as strong as I thought. Glad I attended this session. I have some new things to add to my weekly routine!


The next event was a run, outside, in -15 windchill. I talked myself into it, and then quickly talked myself out of it. I misunderstood the logistics of the run and thought we were supposed to drive downtown to meet somewhere to run. I didn’t want to drive somewhere and stand outside to wait for others to arrive, so I drove home instead. When I got home I felt guilty for skipping the run so I layered up and grabbed my pup Ziggy for a 2.25 mile run in my neighborhood.

Post-run the plan was to meet for lunch at a local restaurant. Since I wimped out on the run I wimped out on the lunch too. Booo, me. I ate at home, and got my self ready for the bike workout of the day. It was the first time I’ve touched my Quintana Roo since Ironman Wisconsin in September (I’ve been spinning to try to maintain my bike fitness). Pumping my bike tires made me miss the long, grueling bike rides I had last summer, and actually excited for another season to come!

The final event was a cycling session with our bikes on a computrainer. This was the hardest part of my day. Biking is my weakest thing, and we did five intervals at 130% effort. Woooooboy. Glad I made it the entire hour. Glad there were cookies to devour when it was all done!


I’m so grateful that Tri Play Day was organized by the wonderful Jen Anderson. It’s been a long, relentless winter, and having this event to come out and play was a gift. I learned so much physically and mentally about myself in a matter of a day. Being among like-minded triathletes was just what I needed to pump myself up for the season to come.




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