I Don’t Care

We finally had a glorious 50 degree day full of sunshine. The entire city was outside!! Outsiiiiiide!! Did you get outside!!?!! That magical day was followed by a gloomy 40 degree day with rain, and then a 20 degree day with 15-20 mph wind. Guess which day I had my long run planned on?

Of course the 20 degree day with the wind, why wouldn’t it be that on my long run day?

I performed my usual routine of bitching on Twitter about the weather, cleaning the house to procrastinate, double checking weather.com just to make sure, over-dressing, and finally going for it. It wasn’t the weather that made it a struggle, but my head. Lately I’ve been discouraged that I haven’t improved myself enough this season to try to PR at my spring marathon. I haven’t done speed work because winter has been frigid and icy. I should have done more indoor running. But I kept telling myself that running in snow would make my legs stronger and I’d see the results in spring. I keep wondering if I should even bother running another marathon in the usual 4:30-5 hour time-frame that I keep repeating time after time.

ILOVEITWah, wah, wah wah. WAH.

While I was worrying myself into a bad run, that silly song I Love It by Icona Pop came on my playlist. For whatever reason the lyrics “I don’t care, I love it” kicked me in the ass. I left my worry in a mud puddle and picked up my pace a bit. I cruised up the hills. I felt 10 pounds lighter. The second half of my long run was a negative split both physically and mentally.

This will be my 9th marathon and it’s not any easier than my first. I signed up for this, the struggles, the conditions, the rungries, the soreness, the good runs, the bad runs, all of it. I was well aware of what comes with marathon training when I signed up for it.

It’s been a tough season. It’s not likely that I’ll PR at my spring marathon, but I don’t care, I love it.


4 thoughts on “I Don’t Care

  1. Awesome attitude. This winter training has been brutal. I’ve decided that I will reassess my spring goals as I get closer.

  2. Great song that is a must have on marathon playlists! This winter has been brutal for training, I think at this point we all just want it to be done and know that spring race times don’t define us 🙂 (OR any race time for that matter;))

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