Crazy Legs 2014

The day before Crazy Legs Classic 8k I had a bad shakeout run, you know, to go along with my bad half marathon the weekend before. Seemed like running was something that my legs no longer wanted to do anymore. I reminded myself that Crazy Legs is a FUN run, no matter what. Fun it was, as it was each and every year prior. Come to think of it, it was five years ago that Crazy Legs was my very first race, ever. Crazy Legs is responsible for everything I’ve done after. It gave me the runner-bug.

This was the first year in five years that the weather was perfect. Not one complaint out of me. Forty degrees, sunshine, no wind, a runner’s race day dream weather. With no race plans, I just ran with the crowd and enjoyed the day. I even enjoyed the pain of the hills.

My finish was 44:44, right on par with what I was hoping for. It’s an early enough finish to grab some beer before the line gets too long.


After the race the day was spent with two of my favorite friends, roaming Madison, eating all the foods, and drinking all the beers. I love this couple. Never a dull moment.


What I’m most happy about with my race is that I physically felt good. After my bad half marathon last weekend I was afraid my body might not be fully recovered from my flu to run a marathon. Crazy Legs gave me enough confidence to plan on proceeding with my spring marathon in a few days.

One thing I will take away from Crazy Legs and bring with me to Wisconsin Marathon is no race plans. Just show up, run, and enjoy.


7 thoughts on “Crazy Legs 2014

  1. A couple of things…congrats on your 8k!!! That sounds like a really fun race! Second thing…you look SUPER cute with braids!!! I wish I could wear my hair like that. If I did, I’d look like I’m 10 yrs old…but it seriously looks cute on you! Love it!

  2. Congrats on the good feeling race! You’re right, races really should be just for fun, unless maybe you are Meb and want to win. Good luck on the marathon even if some points of that are not 100% fun 🙂

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